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I Will Fear No Evil

The highest and purest human perception is that which sees no evil and understands that all things, real entities (for subjective conditions are of our own making), are made by Good in good and for good. This is self-evident, for the manifestation of God must be universal, else how could He be omnipresent. Subjective thought and experience is the only lens through which evil can be beheld. "Thou that art of purer eyes than to behold evil." Only finite and unfolding beings need the educational and corrective discipline called evil, which is the "growing pains" of good. Soul must have an experience in matter.

The roots of illness have their rise in conscious or unconscious fear. Fear is a recoil from the view of mental false images. Their reality is conferred by consciousness. Mental impressions of disease, death, and hell, are pictures of non-entities, except as we make them real, to us. In building our thought-world we should leave out negative material. Our real world is our thought-world and not the "things" that are about us. Those words of Jesus, so often repeated and emphasized, Fear Not, are deeply significant. They are religious, and also scientific. "I will fear no evil."

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