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I Will: Be Thou Made Clean

Faith is absolutely essential. We must believe or we will never move. Doubt and unbelief end in stagnation and death. Positive belief, even if mixed with error, leads by degrees towards truth. Its very positiveness puts it in a process of self-rectification. Will is life. The illumined will is the divine energy, or God in us. It is a manifestation of the Eternal Will, the supreme ego. Nothing can withstand its energy. It takes hold upon forces that are infinite. To live vigorously, we must live by faith. Our nourishment is unseen, but real. Those who are doing the most to uplift the world are those whose intensity of faith first reconstructed their own souls. "I will" is a projectile that hits the mark, a power that "removes mountains." Doubt is disintegration. It leads into the Slough of Despond. It is leaden, nerveless, and cowardly. "I will" is the pilot that grasps the helm and steers the human craft Godward. Its vitality includes regeneration and even creative power. "Faith is the substance" (present realization) "of things hoped for." "I will: be thou made clean."

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Henry Wood

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