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I Rule the Body

There is no axiom plainer than that the higher should control the lower, and no one but a positive materialist can deny that man is above his body. The "fall of man" consists of his dropping into subjection to his animal nature. When the body rules, it soon becomes an unrelenting tyrant, but, if it occupies a secondary place, it is serviceable and beautiful. Man must assert his superiority. Spiritual victory must be achieved and old things become new. Desire and aspiration are laws of growth. Demand brings supply, and nothing in the universe can hold it back. Every soul is invested with a divine dignity and should reign in its own kingdom. Man is a prince, and to abdicate his heirship is to fail of his grand end. I will never surrender my God-given prerogative. I deny the rule of the seen, sensuous, and the material. I am surcharged with spiritual potency and life. I link myself to that which cannot be shaken. I ascend the mount of spiritual vision and realize divine sonship and rightful dominion. I rule the body and bodily mind.

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Henry Wood

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