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I Make Harmony

There are invisible threads which connect us with every object which makes up our environment. Vibrations are ever passing over these connections, backward and forward, and it is for us to control their purpose and quality. Every star, sun, person, circumstance, and principle is exchanging messages with us. The dispatches we send are echoed back in duplicate quality. Love for love, antagonism for antagonism, pain for pain. Everything bears the aspect that we give it. Love gilds every object upon which we project it, and its sheen is reflected back in rays of golden light. By its magic, stumbling-blocks become stepping-stones. Love "thinketh no evil," and I follow its example. I create a harmonious environment by projecting thought only of the good. God created all things good, and in the kingdom of my own consciousness I will do the same. I will think only harmonious thoughts, and thereby make harmony. All is good.

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Henry Wood

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