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I Look Upward

Things which we hold in our consciousness soon become our possession. Universal evolution, which sees all things "in a state of becoming," is the great modern inspiration. The feeling within us, that conditions, social, political, economic, ethical, and religious, are really growing better, has a wonderful healing power in itself. Temporary, local, and apparent declensions do not affect the universal trend. The imperfection of today is the stepping-stone for tomorrow. Life is richer, love stronger, truth more beautiful, nature fairer, music sweeter, art diviner, than we have ever dreamed. God is infinitely better than we can imagine. There is no failure, and pessimism is only the shadow of a disordered dream. An eternal unfolding is going on which shows infinite wisdom, order, foresight, and beneficence. We are on the way towards the "Father's House." Evolution interprets all seeming confusion. Present discord will glide into the harmony of the future. We are pressing on towards the supreme ideal, which includes wholeness on every plane, for the individual and the race. I look upward.

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Henry Wood

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