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I Am Soul

I Am soul; not have a soul, but am soul, here, now, and forever. My body is no part of me, though it outwardly expresses my past quality of thinking. Sin, disease, suffering, fear, grief, and death, are not entities having independent existence. They are shadows, morbid pictures, images, dreams which have only a seeming life. They give us sensations which make them real to the sensuous mind, therefore they picture themselves on the body. Displaced by the Real, they shrink to their native nothingness.

Truth is the Christ-mind in me. "I in them and thou in me." Love is God feeling through me. My soul is God's life finited. The "Kingdom of Heaven" (Harmony) is within me. The real I, or innermost self, cannot be ill, sin, nor suffer. It is perfect and immortal. Only the false, sensuous self is disordered; therefore, the conscious ego must be removed from it. Illusions of evil are "works of the Devil," which are dispelled and destroyed by the Christ-mind. My cure is the natural unfolding into outward expression of the soul's divine life, health, harmony, joy, and peace.

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Henry Wood

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