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I Am Part of a Great Whole

Humanity is one. I am living and loving, not for myself, but for the race. If I rise, I help to lift all about me, and if I fall, I drag others down. Loving thought, sent out, has a positive healing influence both on sender and recipient. We live the life of humanity—others in us, and we in them. We cannot be saved disconnected from relations. Our highest privilege and office is to be channels through which the divine life shall flow out to invigorate and inspire. The essence of salvation and of true healing is the death of selfishness. If the soul-currents do not course from within outwards, they sink in a deadly vortex. A son of God is one who breaks the chains of captives, opens prison-doors, and proclaims freedom. Giving out, or ministration, is the great and highest law, divine and human. Simple altruism sometimes heals, because it lifts consciousness from the lower inharmonious self and turns it outward and upward. Thought sent out in loving waves never returns void. The race is one, and all lines of relationship converge in God. I heal and am healed.

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Henry Wood

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