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I Am Healed

As the building is complete in the mind of the architect before it appears outwardly, so the divine innermost is already perfect, waiting for me to bring it into the external. I am well, because the spiritual is the real, even if it be not yet outwardly manifest. How shall I actualize the inward ideal? By thought concentration upon it, and by identifying the conscious ego with it. I am spirit, not matter. I am whole, despite outer appearances. The real ego being perfect, I am potentially sound in mind and body. The spirit of wholeness is in contact with every fiber and tissue of my organism. In God's strength I affirm that my (naming seemingly diseased parts or members) are already well, strong, and beautiful. The spiritual body of correspondence is divinely complete, and that is the I. I bolt the door of thought against every mental picture of imperfection and disorder. I hold only the perfect, and affirm nothing less. I also claim entire supremacy over intellect and memory. I will forget the evil and remember the good. I am whole, mentally and physically.

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Henry Wood

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