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Health Is Natural

Health is natural. The natural is that which is in harmony with orderly law. All law is beneficent, therefore the degree of harmony in anything is the test of its naturalness. God is the Author of nature, and natural law is divine method. Inharmony, disease, and unhappiness are unnatural, because they are discordant with all that is normal and ideal. Nature does not know any lack of conformity. Man is naturally, generically, and potentially whole. All illness is a deviation, and comes from artificiality. Thought, the human creative faculty, misses the mark.

The spiritual should mould the material, the inner the outer; and all human experience proves the reasonableness of such an order of relation. It follows that human vitality can be increased only from within, and that drug-medication is abnormal and adds no new life. It deals only with effect, and is clearly unnatural and irrational. Man must hold before him an undeviating pattern, and thereby grow into its likeness. Nature is not "sickly," and for man—its crowning feature—to be disordered proves his continual "fall" into materialism. Nature, rightly interpreted, is spiritual. The universal order speaks only of wholeness and harmony.

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