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God Is My Life

To the deceptive and sensuous consciousness, life seems limited and narrow, but it is really a part of the One—the Universal Life. The concept of separation closes the divine influx and causes dryness and leanness. Life is a continuous divine communication. The heart-throb of God pulsates through humanity. Life can never die nor diminish. External forms change, but life goes on. Man is a "living soul" Physical sensation is but a lower manifestation of life. "Man shall not live by bread alone." The divine exuberance fills every space not closed against it. Our little stagnant pool must be connected with the surging and purifying tides of the great ocean of abounding vitality. All is at our disposal.

I am now filled with the divine energy. I open my soul to it and let it possess me. It overflows so that I give it out to those around me.

As a child of God I deny limitation and claim my waiting heritage. God is Life, and Life is All.

Life, eternal life, is mine, and it fills my whole being.

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Henry Wood

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