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God Is Here

Part III
Meditations and Suggestions

Man through a careless or mistaken consciousness separates himself from God, and this produces infelicity and disease. Thought confers subjective realism either upon ideal entities or upon seeming bad conditions. What we dwell upon we become, or at least grow like. Thought must have an outlet, otherwise it stagnates. God is the great normal Reality for it to rest upon. Consciousness must be open to the divine harmony, else it becomes disorderly and abnormal. It takes on character from that to which it links itself—God, if it be God; change and discord, if materiality. It is therefore easy to be outwardly and morally correct and yet be Godly. The highest human consciousness is that of God, and this is "Godliness which is great gain." To change from a controlling self-consciousness to a ruling God-consciousness, is to find harmony and health. The vision must be clarified so as to behold God everywhere, within and without, as all Life, all Love, and All in All. Discord cannot long abide the divine companionship. Take the Name, and through the medium of the outer eye engrave it on the tablet of the inner consciousness.

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Henry Wood

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