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Divine Love Fills Me

Unselfish love is divine. God is not merely lovely. He is Love. As gravitation inheres in universal matter, so love permeates universal Spirit. It is a vast atmosphere in which we live, even though unconsciously. It inspires life and infuses vigor. It "casts out fear." "Fear hath torment," and kills. Love heals. Thought-messages of love sent in any direction come back in sweet echoes. They are like light reflected and re-reflected in a series of mirrors. As love comes in, its opposites vanish from the consciousness. It sees only the good. Its lower forms are only kindergartens for the training of its broader spiritual manifestations. Thoughts are things, and love is thought-ministration. As we love everything, everything will love us. Directed towards our trials and pains it transforms them and renders them educational. "Love never faileth." Under its divine inspiration, duty becomes privilege, and weakness, strength. It thrills both mind and body, and is good news to every nerve and muscle.

It glows in the cheek, shines in the eye, promotes the digestion, quickens the assimilation, sharpens the senses, toughens the sinews, and sends the divine electricity through every vein and tissue. It cools the fevered temperature, rouses the vitality, dissipates restlessness, and brings order out of chaos. Divine love cures.

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Henry Wood

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