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Christ Is Within

Christ is the name given to the divine human ideal. It represents the type that was manifested through the personality of Jesus. The highest inner consciousness is the Christ. He is already within, but remains undiscovered so long as we think of ourselves as flesh. He is found when we recognize the true spiritual ego, which is, humanity filled with divinity. Blood represents the inmost quality and character—not the death, but the life. The resurrection is the lifting of consciousness from the physical to the spiritual. The "mind of Christ" is the Savior of humanity. It knows neither sin, disorder, nor death. It manifests the perfection and divinity that before have been only latent. As we embody the Christ-mind we become "sons of God." With Him we are crucified in the lower self and "made perfect through suffering." We rise from the tomb of mortality set free from its error and corruption. The "mind that was in Christ" gives us dominion over the dreams and illusions of mortal sense. It breaks our bonds and sets us free. It heals, restores, invigorates, and harmonizes. In its name and by its strength I am healed. I am perfect—every whit whole.

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