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All Things Are Yours

In the divine strength "all things" are ours. In proportion as we recognize its all sufficiency, we have life, love, help, rest, bliss, light, peace, faith, honor, power, purity, health, beauty, growth, energy, relief, wisdom, strength, harmony, ability, freedom, dignity, liberty, fluency, rapture, support, delight, sonship, courage, concord, soundness, goodness, wholeness, vitality, gladness, nobility, guidance, symmetry, serenity, pleasure, progress, kindness, abundance, enjoyment, judgment, affection, constancy, eloquence, perfection, perception, revelation, aspiration, contentment, discernment, inspiration, refreshment, brotherhood, nourishment, cooperation, restoration, improvement, beneficence, satisfaction, completeness, spirituality, intelligence, illumination, trustfulness, emancipation, enlightenment, companionship, unselfishness, understanding, and reconciliation. All these are things, and they are contained in the divine promise and fullness.

In the past we have often mistakenly thought that their opposing negations were realities. I now deny the seeming, and fill my mental horizon only with the good, the true, and the divine. What a glorious heritage! "All things are yours."

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Henry Wood

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