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Essay VI: The Victory Over Death

Levitation, Materialization, and De-materialization

The final enthronement of man over all material things and conditions, is the very end or purpose of creation, or of the culmination of life in this world.
—Dr. J. H. Dewey, in "The New Age Gospel."
Thou hast made him a little lower than thyself and hast crowned him with glory and honor; thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet.
This fact (Telepathy) has a more tremendous import than any discovery of the age.
—Shelton, in Christian
This new science (Telepathy) is yet in its formative stage, but in its possible applications in the realm of psychology and mental development, it promises to vastly transcend in its emancipating and revolutionizing results, even those of electrical science in the realm of physics.
—Dr. Dewey, in Christian
The movements of heavy objects without any possible contact, by Slade, was of common occurrence.
—Prof. Zollner, in "Transcendental Physics"
Slade laid a book and a bit of pencil on the slate. The book vanished and, after having been looked for everywhere, it fell several times from the ceiling.
—Baron Hollenbach, in "Letter in Transcendental Physics
She at times saw him (D. D. Home) while he was reading, suspended in the air some 3 or 4 feet over the chair in which he had been sitting.
—Bulwer Lytton, in "All the Year Round"
On one occasion, when a number of friends were present, Home desired the windows to be opened and he floated out of one and into another, 70 feet above the ground.
—Report by Lord Lindsey of a seance at Lord Amberley's castle.
The vase was a large one of stone, holding some six "gallons of water, yet as the Fakeer's knotted staff was pointed toward it, it began to slide along the court, reached the open glass doors which divided the apartment *** There it paused, then, as if reflection had ensued, it slowly floated up a loot from the ground, came in through the glass doors, then gently subsided to the ground and still slid on, until it stopped at the Fakeer's feet.
"Art Magic"
If such things (thought transference and movements of physical bodies without physical contact) are, they are of more importance to philosophy than the whole body of physical knowledge we now have, and of vast importance to humanity.
—Prof. A. E. Dolbear, in "Matter, Ether and Motion"
I predict that, when once he has found the way, he will have no use for all the cumbrous machinery called science, nor for much of the present mechanical or motive power. Occult manifestations of the One Power will do all that is now done, and more, with less labor, cost or friction, than is possible even with liquid air. "Chalk marks don't draw cars," once said a railroad man. But we are much nearer that time when some manifestation of force less tangible than chalk marks will draw cars than was the possibility of lightning drawing them when Franklin drew it from the clouds.
—Henry Harrison Brown, in "How to Control Fate through Suggestion"
The laws of the Conservation of energy, evolution, etc., which express the Unity of Nature, are at present dead laws and statements, being merely intellectual; but when man comes to feel, as a distinct sensation, his continuity with external objects and his absolute inward unity with all grades of creatures, man, animals, plants, etc., —Nature One, namely Self then those laws, or facts, will have their right and everlasting place in his cosmos, the outer or intellectual form will drop off, but the facts themselves—the feelings—will be found to be eternal.
—Edward Carpenter, in "Modern Science"

Thought is Power! Where is the limit to Power? What is the limit to Power? When these questions are answered, the limit to Thought is found. Power in every manifestation is limitless. Limitation is in the form of manifestation; in Power, never. All is Motion! One Energy! One Motion! One Power! One God! These affirmations are synonymous. Manifestations differ: Cause is One. "Differences of administration, but the same Lord," said Paul, with rare insight. "Diversities of operation, but it is the same God," he says again. Again he says, showing that the words had to him the same variety of meaning that we give to Energy, Motion, and Spirit: "All these worketh that one and selfsame Spirit." It has taken two thousand years for man to attain the scientific perception of the fact which Paul perceived intuitively. The discovery of the Law of Conservation of Force enabled man, sixty years ago, to say: "All Energy is One." Man's Greatest Discovery enables him now to say: Thought is a form of Energy! The Universe is one Substance, whose manifestation is Motion.

One God, one Law, one Element,
And one divine, far off event,
Toward which the whole creation moves,

says a later poet than Paul, from the same intuition.

What is the limit of Power? The limit of wind, wave, water, steam, electric power? What is the limit of light, magnetism, X-ray, heat, and gravity? They are limitless.

By the use of musical tones, Keely raised a power he could not control. It destroyed his every machine, softening Bessemer steel to the consistency of putty. He no more knew the Power he had evoked, than did Franklin know that which he drew from the cloud to make chips and straws dance between his key and the ground.

Where is the limit to Electricity? There is none. What is the limit to its application? Human ignorance! All limitations to Power in any direction are those imposed by man. Nature in one form of motion is as limitless as in any other. Behind each manifestation of Power lies Infinity. Deep and enduring as the glacial marks on the granite ledge, let this truth be etched upon your intellect, then you will have no trouble with my thought. All is One and that One is Omnipresent; not omnipresent in any one manifestation of Power, but in all. The possibility of Infinity lies behind every manifestation. There is no limit to Ever-present Power.

Beyond all dream of man, is the possibility of the One. As sand-grain to a world, is any dream of achievement compared to the Possible. Beyond the possibilities which man has found in the lower pitched vibrations, lie those which he now dimly sees in the vibrations of Thought and Love. To know Power, to apply Power is the whole possible endeavor of man. From cave to "White City," he has only learned how to apply Power. What Power can do, he can do, for he is Power!

Until now, he has sought and used Power outside himself. Now, through his Greatest Discovery—Thought is Power! Love is Power! Life is Power!—he realizes that the soul is only a CENTER OF POWER IN POWER. He has within himself all Power. Thus Man has, whenever he will take it, Dominion over all other manifestations of Power.

Man has just awakened to a knowledge of his place in Unity. He is entering his "kingdom." Where Law heretofore ruled him, he will now, as Conscious Law, rule Law, and thus BE Law. O, the grandeur, beauty, glory, and the Almightiness of this Discovery! Lift up your heads, ye eternal gates and the king of glory shall come in! Who is this king of glory? The Lord strong and mighty! But that Lord is Man, coming to consciousness of his Power.

Among the possibilities that lie within the Power of Thought are those already mentioned and others hinted at, in the excerpts that introduce this essay. Knowledge is but the recognition of Power. Classified knowledge is Science. Science applied is Art. There is as yet no Science of Thought, and but very little knowledge of it. The Art of Thinking is almost unknown.

It is the glory of the new century that it starts with the glimmerings of the Light which will yet illumine all mankind. That will make Illuminati of every one. That this Light is now unknown, "rejected of men," was to be expected. That many who have seen this Star in the West are blinded by its Light, is necessary to their evolution. But in the movements called "Spiritualism," "Christian Science," "Divine Science," "Mental Science ," there is born today the Savior that was to come. Christ in Its second coming is here! The Advent already IS. Light has broken through the vestments of mortality and Immortality has come to light in the discovery of Thought as Power.

The Science of Thought has begun. The Art of Thinking is at hand. Man is learning How to think and What to think. When he thinks as he can and will think, there will be no sickness, disease, poverty, accident, suffering, or want. This is as scientific a prophecy as was ever made in a chemical laboratory. "When I know how to harness steam," said Watt. When any one knows how to harness thought to his desire, then will he not only master all environment, but he will fulfill the prophecy of Paul: "The last enemy to be destroyed is Death." Bodies are Thought-builded. They are Thought destroyed. What Thought does unconsciously under Law, Thought can do consciously under Law. Thought under Law builds diseased bodies. Thought under Conscious Law will build imperishable bodies. Thought under Law destroys bodies. Thought under Conscious Law will regenerate bodies, will purify them, will refine them, will lift them in their pitch until hands that feel only, and eyes that see only, on the plane of the senses, will also see and feel, at will, bodies that are still here but unseen. The bodies in which men live, when made under Conscious Law will be made and unmade at pleasure, as the possessor shall raise or lower them in pitch, just as the musician changes the pitch of his instrument. This Jesus did. "I will lay down my life and I will take it up again," he said. He laid his body in the tomb. He took it up again. He passed through closed doors at will. He ascended in the scale of vibrations until he ''passed out of sight" of the gazers, but is here still. This is within the Power of Thought. All can and all will do this when they THINK ARIGHT.

Some of the possibilities of Thought are shown in the transference of messages from mind to mind, the transference of pictures by Clairvoyance or of individuality by Psychometry. When I hold the letter of an absent person, a stranger, and once come into sympathetic vibration with him, I become him for the time being. I feel as he feels, I think as he thinks, I act as he acts, for I LET his thought act through me and I become transformed for the time being into his image.

Mental Healing, which is only Thought and Love transference, is a fact, testified to by thousands. Healing by Suggestion is testified to by other thousands; Magnetic Healing, by millions. Success in every walk of life, born from Right Thinking, is testified to by thousands more. Success by dollars, books and arms is giving way to Success by Thought alone.

Horse and lion tamer and serpent charmer succeed by the Power of Thought alone. Flora Paris Howard tells in her book, ''Idols Dethroned," of clearing a fruit garden of insects by concentrating thought upon them. Mr. Boucher, whose article appears in the "Addenda" to this book, controls the rattlesnake on the prairie by thinking to it. Many persons tell me of gaining in this way immunity from flies, fleas and mosquitoes. Why not? As the Mississippi carries driftwood, so will the strong radiations from an individual as a center of Power carry away all undesirable things, from bacillus to man. Facts are easily found by him who seeks them, that testify to the Power of Thought to move bodies without physical contact. Some things seem moved by persons who are in bodies we do not see. Wherever they are, they are human still. They can only use Power that is open to all. When these facts of Telepathy and Levitation are known, the observer can well say, with Professor Dolbear of Tufft's College, that they mean more for the future of mankind than the whole body of phenomena with which science at present deals. Soon will scientists see that all present knowledge is primary and has its value only as the first rung in the ladder leading from the cave of matter to the plain of Motion, from the darkness of body to the sunlight of Spirit.

As Power is unlimited, and as manifestations differ only in the pitch of vibrations, we may learn to so raise the pitch in which we manifest that we may become invisible to those who can manifest only upon the Lower-Octaves-of-Humanity. That this is possible, that it is scientific, note what Art is already doing. The solid iron becomes liquid when man, by applying heat, raises its pitch. Applying still more heat, it is so raised in its vibrations that it passes from sight. But it is not destroyed. It still IS. The Human Intellect cannot yet trace it, but it exists as something in higher octaves. Why may it not be the foundation upon which man, in his higher octaves, may stand?

When I go into a chemical laboratory, if I do not become positive to the atmosphere, I see that whole interior of the room as a transparent, iridescent solid. It is as real to me as is the spectrum the Professor throws from the prism. He sees but the spectrum. I see both the spectrum and the vibrations that are above the range of the spectrum. Because I so see, the professor thinks me "a little off," if he does not say something more strongly indicative of his belief in my insanity.

Apply this fact logically. Here is the demonstration of the claims so many make for physical immortality. The question is not, Will Mrs. Eddy or Mrs. Wilmans live forever without passing the change we call death? The question is, Is death a necessity? They are teaching Truth. They may fail to demonstrate, but that failure will only be the failure of those who failed where Marconi succeeded. If others had not tried and failed, he would never have succeeded. So, sometime it will be demonstrated that Death is an unnecessary procedure on the part of any person; then the Ego will pass to the higher vibrations without it. As iron is lifted, by the intensifying of its vibrations, from solid to gaseous, so will man lift himself. He is lifted now by sudden transition, by LAW. He will lift himself as Conscious Law, gradually. By Law he now goes through Death to other octaves of life by chemical action. By Conscious Law he will go without Death, by Thought action.

While he located Life, Cause and God outside himself, he was subject to the Unconscious Law that controlled the without. When he locates Cause and God, as he does Life, within himself, then will he BE law. Since he is "Spirit conscious of itself," since he says, "I AM!" he must become Conscious Law and, as such, he passes at will up and down the scale of vibrations.

All who once had these coarse bodies we call mortal, are now somewhere on the infinite scale of vibrations. They are bodies still. They who made themselves Light before the change, are now centers of Light; are not in bodies, but are bodies of Light. Those who did not so develop while in these mortal bodies, are now centers of less radiation, and are bodies of the grays, merging into the blacks, until at last they, who lived most carnally, are in blackness, lost even to clairvoyant vision. The only difference between the Caffir Negro and the saintly mother is the place each occupies in the infinite scale of radiations. Each person is "sensible" to us if he is within the limit of our perception. If he is without the limit of our recognition of vibrations, he does not exist for us.

All the difference between the caveman and the scientist who finds his bones, is the pitch of the radiations that come from each as a center of power. The modern scientist sees and knows more than he knew who left the Neanderthal skull. It would have been natural for the cave-dweller to deny the knowledge of Darwin, but it is insanity for the Darwins of today to deny the phenomena of thought as presented by Mental Science. They who will not accept these facts are mental cave dwellers. They are living in matter—are dwelling in the cave of the body. They will seem to the reader of this book in the year 2000 as the Mound Builders seem to us.

The range of vibration is limitless. Evolution is but the passing from octave to octave of Life—God—and making It, or Him, manifest to sense. By Right Thinking, we may pass thus to immortality as easily as we have passed from post horse to electric motor.

This possibility has been prophesied by seer and metaphysician. But it is the claim of the author that this is the first time that the prophecy of Jesus and Paul has been scientifically demonstrated. No scientific demonstration was possible until thought had been demonstrated as a Mode of Motion. That once determined, all the rest follows with the certainty that invention followed the discovery of the Law of Conservation. By right thinking , we may develop our sight so that we can see beyond the range of telescope. In the same way, we may learn to live above the plane of the senses.

Mrs. Eddy, Mrs. Wilmans, T. J. Shelton and others have seen this from intuition and have verified it from metaphysics. Their vision is true. These essays upon "Man's Greatest Discovery" is the first attempt to bring Immortality without death into harmony with physical science, and to make Thinking, Living, and Immortality parts of a Universal Science, whose primary chapter is Physics, and the last is Soul.

All those who are today believing and teaching "The Conquest of Death" are Johns in the wilderness of materiality , crying: "Repent! turn in your thought, and live above the sense life, and you shall never die. Think, 'Live forever and you will live forever!"

This is no new thought to me. By intuition, I saw it in 1870. I began to lecture in 1873 upon "The Victory over Death," in which I prophesied death would be no more. It was then only a logical conclusion. For these thirty years, I have been seeking and waiting for the scientific evidence. Not till the writing of these essays did I find it. In doing so, I have found it for all humanity. The seer comes first, with his vision; the philosopher next, with his reason; the scientist last, with his Law. In these essays is given the Law. They are more important to humanity than any ever before given the press. I know this is an extraordinary claim. But it is the importance of the Truth presented and not the man who writes, nor the way in which they are given. These essays are a center of Thought Vibrations that will shed Light when I am forgotten. I am the instrument for Truth.

I wish no credit for them—they wrote themselves. They have opened to me a new world. They have lifted me into the seventh heaven with Paul. I KNOW them truth. That is enough. This is the first time I have thrust my personality upon my readers. As evidence as to the instrument through whose hand Truth wrote "Man's Greatest Discovery," this must, for future generations, go on the record. So let it be!

"Man's Greatest Discovery," Telepathy, banished death from the world. It fulfills the promises of the Ages. It opens the door for the new century to usher in the Millennium. * 'Death is swallowed up in Victory." But greater than this is the prophecy of Human Power given us by the Greatest of Seers. His matchless line, that is at once perfect poetry and perfect science, that is religion and fact, shall close this series of essays, written from the Illuminated I AM, and for the generations that are capable of hearing the Word, "And Conscious Law is King of kings."

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Henry Harrison Brown

  • Born in 1840
  • An early leader in the New Thought movement
  • Published NOW magazine which was "...a Monthly Journal of Positive Affirmations, devoted to Mental Science and the Art of Living."
  • Unitarian Minister
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