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Essay V: Vibrations

The Soul is a harp, I remember,
Where vibrating cords are of Consciousness strung, And Cosmos forever is harper,
Who strolled down the ages measured by sun
With songs of the mighty Becoming.
—Prof. W.J. Powell, in "The Monist."
It nettles one that Truth should be so simple.
There is no speech; there are no words; their voice is not heard; but their melody extendeth through all the world.
—Lesser's translation of the Psalms
The language of tone is the language of the spheres; it is the language of the universal world; it is the language of the angels.
—Dr. C. W. Emerson
The whole fabric of human thought and human emotion is built up of likeness and unlikeness just as much as the material world, in all its beauty, is built up out of undulations among invisible molecules.
—John Fiske, in "Through Nature to God."
The atoms of the indifferent molecules are held together with varying degrees of tightness they are tuned, as it were, to notes of different pitch.
—Prof. Tyndall
Thirty-two vibrations per second equal the lowest tone ear can catch; 32,768 vibrations the highest.
The vibrations of the red ray are 450 thousand millions per second; those of the violet are 750 thousand millions per second.
—Prof. Crooks
The lowest tone perceived by the human ear is a vibration of 24 per second; the highest is 4,700 per second.
The lowest note of the piano is 24 per second, too low to be perceived as tone.
The highest key is 3,500. Highest on the piccolo is 5,700. Highest pitch of man's voice is 64; of woman's, 1,044.
—Sydney Lanier
From the extreme red to the extreme violet, between which are embraced all the colors visible to the human eye, the rapidity of vibrations steadily increases, the length of the other waves produced by these vibrations diminishing in the same proportions. I say, "Visible to the human eye," because there may be eyes capable of receiving visual impressions that do not affect ours. There is a vast store of rays, or more correctly waves, beyond the red, and also beyond the violet, which are incompetent to excite our vision; so that, could the whole length of the spectrum, visible and invisible, be seen by the same eye, its length would be vastly augmented.
—Prof. Tyndall, in "The New Fragments."
Particles in vibration strike our nerve points in one way and we see light, or color; in another way and we feel heat. Our nerves and brains transmute the motions into forms of sensation. The brain is the translator of motion into images; of sensation into ideas. There is no reason why there should be any limit to the modes of molecular or etherial motion; but our senses, as we call our translators, are but few in number, hence we recognize but few of them.
—Peter C. Austin, Ph. D. P. C. S., in Christian Register.
Lord Kelvin, the greatest physicist in the world, has this year come out with a paper which casts a doubt 011 the prevailing molecular and ether theories. He thinks there is no definite limit to the universe. He says that the dynamic theory which asserts that light and heat are modes of motion, is at present obscured by two clouds.
—Prof. John Towbridge, of Harvard University, in San Francisco Examiner.

Since, through Telepathy, thought is demonstrated to be a mode of motion, it follows that whatever we have found to be true of one mode, must be true of all modes, for these modes are only different rates of speed; or, what is the same thing, are of different pitch. Thought is subject to the same laws, to the same regularity, to the same methods of control, and the same methods of study, as are light and sound. Of these two modes of motion, we know the most. Music is the most perfect of the methods we have of studying motion. Sound is slow enough to measure. It can easily be handled by the human will.

Through the study of light and tone, we find that vibrations pass through octaves. There is a regularity and a system, and that order can be understood and followed in composition. He who follows that order, wins by touching the human Soul. When the right combinations are made, the Soul is touched; that is, it vibrates in response. Sympathetic vibration is established. Here we have the key to the practice of Mental Healing; to the power of the orator; to the power of song, cantata, picture, statue, storm, fire, and whatever in the external starts a vibration, an emotion, within.

Thought being a form of force, it passes in vibrations or, in better terms, in undulatory waves from brain to brain. Feeling being also a mode of motion, it passes in similar waves from soul to soul. The difference in the two is similar to the difference between sound and light. Both are ONE in origin, but differ in speed. Thus Emotion and Thought differ. The merely mental healer cures by the force of thought, which awakens sympathetic vibration in the brain of the patient, just as striking C in one octave on the piano causes the C in the other octaves to vibrate, or as the violin on the table vibrates when certain cords are played upon the piano. But the spiritual healer cures by awakening the same sympathetic vibration in the Soul, through love. When the love nature is awakened and Thought, by Suggestion, directs it, then is the healing power, strongest. This can be a fact only in those most highly developed spiritually. In these it is limitless in its power for good. It is typified in Jesus, who spent his whole life in doing good; loving so much, that those who came into His presence were healed. This development is possible to all. We have only to raise the pitch of our radiations from those we now have to those of a higher octave. Love will develop this. If we Love enough, we shall not only be whole ourselves but will be wholesome to all who meet us—to all of whom we think.

As the vibrations of electricity pass where sound will not, so will thought go where electricity will not, and love will go where thought will not. Sound-waves will not pass long distances over the wire. Electricity will. So man loads the electric-wave with a sound-wave of his choice, and electricity, which was ready to go that way, carries it. Thought and Love work together in the same ways. Love goes, but it must carry the Thought-wave to produce the conscious and the chosen effect. Love alone would never cure without a thought of health accompanying it. It would intensify the activity of the soul in the way it was going. Love is help in the way of power, but it is not directive.

Thought—the will of the conscious man—must come in to give direction. Suggestion must be that the chosen activity can be. Otherwise there will be activity, without self-direction. The Force that directs individual expression is Thought. The Force that is directed is Love. The time will come when, through the demonstrations of Telepathy and the study of Suggestion, man will study Thought and Love, as he now studies light and sound. He will formulate his knowledge of these into science and develop an Art of Thinking and Loving. The promise and the prophecy of this is herein the present schools of Mental Science, and in the fast developing Art of Suggestion.

Thus do the phenomena of Telepathy contain within them more for the good of the race, contain more promise for the future of man than all the previous facts he has gathered. Thus is it that when man demonstrated Thought to be a form of Force, to be a mode of motion, he made his Greatest Discovery.

All that we know of Vibration is true of Thought and Love as forms of Vibration. As other forms of motion have been studied, so can these two, which we now throw into the category of force, be studied. As all lesser forces are less only when compared with some other forms of lower pitch, and as all lesser forms are subject to the greater, it follows logically and scientifically that all other forms of force are subject to the greatest form, Thought. They will obey human will. Thus is Thought master of all the other forms of the One Universal Energy. Love and Thought being ONE in Man, it follows that Love is the only manifestation of the Absolute. Thought is the Individual expression; Love, the Absolute expression.

The design of evolution being to bring the Individual into supremacy, to bring Man into "the Kingdom," it follows that Love, which is the highest mode of motion in the ONE, should thus be subject to the only form of individual, self-directed motion, Thought. Love must be thought-directed. In his Thought, each man differs from all other men. His individual stamp is placed upon his perception of Absolute Truth. But Love is in each individual, one and the same. Thus does Individuality consist only in the pitch, or in the octave of thought in which each individual moves. As these octaves are limitless and as there is no limit to the possible range of pitch, it follows that there is no limit to the variety of Human Life. ONE in origin, ONE in substance, ONE in possibility, ONE in the Absolute Truth, we are Individuals only in the sphere of Thought. Only to the degree that a person thinks for himself does he attain Individuality. To Think is to be an Individual. To Love is to Live. Love is the primal energy; Thought is the Human.

Thought can raise or lower the pitch of life. Love can keep life in the animal scale, or octave, where man started, or it can raise it daily in pitch toward the Ideal Man, as typified in Jesus and other seers. Through Telepathy, this is demonstrated. It demonstrates that each person has the power. by his thought, to depress or raise the dominant note of his life; that each person can raise or lower the pitch of his expression; that he can control himself in all his being, thus becoming self-controlled.

The possibilities of this Discovery cannot as yet be dreamed, but that it is the Greatest of all human discoveries, the century will demonstrate. Thought will yet control, where now we use the lesser forces. Nature's finer forces will need no crude machinery; will need no dynamos, no locomotives, no wires. The only dynamo is the Human Soul; its wires and tracks will be Thoughts. But the material world will be the playground of the Conscious Life in Man, and he, because he is "Conscious Law," be "King of Kings."

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Henry Harrison Brown

  • Born in 1840
  • An early leader in the New Thought movement
  • Published NOW magazine which was "...a Monthly Journal of Positive Affirmations, devoted to Mental Science and the Art of Living."
  • Unitarian Minister

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