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A Successful Experiment in Levitation

I requested a warm personal friend and an ex-pupil who possessed a power of concentration I have never seen surpassed, one who in his youth became a most successful operator in the Art of Suggestion, and who is now a most successful healer, to write for NOW an account of an experiment which he once related to me. He has kindly done so. It comes as a demonstration of the truth in "Man's Greatest Discovery." Here is his letter:

Abilene, Kan.

Dear Mr. Brown:

You ask me to relate the experiment in Suggestion in which I caused a subject to float. It was during the year of the wonderful experiments in Hypnotism and Occult Forces that attracted the attention of my friends and the public—1896.

Having spent much time and study upon the Science of Hypnotism and the Art of Healing, my principle-teachers being Prof. A. W. Connett and Henry Harrison Brown, I attained quite a notoriety by my public work. Among the many experiments that seemed to border on the miraculous, and yet are only a demonstration of the power of the mind over the matter, were some that cause us to believe that some day we shall counteract gravitation by mental concentration. My experiment was as follows:—

My subject was a physically strong gentleman, weighing about one hundred and fifty pounds He had been with me a number of years and I had experimented with him from my first lessons. He was a perfect sensitive. Having never failed in any experiment, and believing that all things are possible to him who knows the law, I decided to try to counteract the action of gravity.

I had him lie on his back upon a carpeted floor. I determined that I would raise him from the floor without any physical aid. I believed this possible from the fact that arms and limbs could be raised by my simply making passes over them and willing them to move.

I then placed him in a cataleptic condition, causing his muscles to become perfectly rigid. At the same time, I suggested to him that he would be raised from the floor simply by my Suggestion. I made passes from his head to his feet, as if I was charging his body with my magnetic force, all the while orally Suggesting, and concentrating my own mind on this thought: "Now you are in a perfectly susceptible condition and will receive every word I give you. You cannot hear nor think of anything but what I allow you to think. My thoughts are your thoughts and my will is your Law. Your body is becoming lighter. It is losing weight. As I charge it with my magnetism, I take away all resisting force and your body becomes lighter than a feather. The least wind will blow you away. Now you are getting lighter, lighter, lighter, and you soon will float. You are now gradually rising; you are floating, floating. You are floating."

As I gave the last suggestions, after making the long passes from head to feet, I placed my hands over his breast and raised them as if to raise him with them. As I did so, his body lifted clear from the floor with the exception of his feet. I passed my hand along under him until I reached his feet, so that 1 know his body was several inches from the floor. It was thus suspended for at least one minute, then it gradually settled down. He relaxed and awoke.

The experiment produced a peculiar effect upon the subject. For several days afterwards he said that he felt as if he was walking in the air and was light-headed. He refused to experiment farther.

I firmly believe that, with repeated trials, his body could have been made to float.

Yours for Love and Truth,
Otis L. Boucher, D. M.

Verifications of the Position of the Author,

In the thought of this Discovery, attention is called to "Mack, the Boy Wonder," and his feats of overcoming gravity. The editor of the Magazine of Mysteries says: "We have closely questioned him as to the cause of his strange power. 'Years of steadfast concentration,' was his reply."

Dr. L. Miller of Duluth, Minn., sends an interesting letter. He says:

The articles upon "Man's Greatest Discovery" and "The Missing Link," are bringing together -what should have long ago been summarized, for Thought is Omnipotent Creator. I am sure that a great truth is connected with breathing the "Breath of Life" with simultaneous physical effort. Mack, the Boy Wonder, was in my office yesterday. He claims that he does not breathe deeply to perform levitation of the body while some one lifts it from the waist, but he simply concentrates his mind and his body is easily lifted up to the height of the lifter's head. On the other hand, when he concentrates against being lifted, a man has great trouble in raising him from the floor. Asked for an explanation of this gift, he says it is psychic; and indeed this seems the only shadow of explanation. He says he is nervous, and thinks his power may in time leave him. He can also increase his weight on the scales.

So writes Dr. Miller. "Psychic" names, but explains nothing. What do you mean by it? How do you do it? What is the Power? We are after this. I claim it is THOUGHT. Methods may be numbered by millions. It is "concentration," but concentration of what? Concentration of some Power? What is the power?

As to the nervousness, that would come from the excitement and from the life led as an exhibitor; also from ignorance in using the Power, not to manifest health and intelligence, but simply to show what he can do. When he shall think of Use and Health with his exhibitions, he will neither be nervous nor fear loss. If there be loss, it will be because he fears it.

From another source, I find this statement about Mack:

On the scales he can vary his weight (123 lbs.), tipping the scales at 800 or at 98. In the Chicago American office, he defied the strongest person there to lift him from the ground, and no amount of energy seemed able to raise him.

Scientists have studied him and can give no clear explanation. One great Professor thinks it a form of "nerve resistance." Which is as clear as a fog to obscure but not to reveal. Try THOUGHT, Professors, and declare your theories of gravity false and weight to be merely a sensation' that one need not feel when he will not.

Similar reports of the Power of Thought through concentration come to us concerning Viggo Lerche of Alto Pass, Ill. This is the press report of his manifestations:

He used an iron poker, several feet long and quite heavy. Standing it against the wall at an angle of 45 degrees, he seated himself a few feet distant and focused his eyes on the top of the poker. Within a few seconds, it began trembling, then gradually rose to a perpendicular position. After standing a moment, it moved toward him in short jumps.

Mr. Lerche can affect any wood or metal object, such as umbrellas or canes, in the same way. He can be induced to exert his strange mental power only a short time before going to bed, as he says it makes him deathly sick unless he can take refuge in sleep.

While attending a Copenhagen college several years ago, he accidentally discovered his power. He was sitting on the lawn with his face in his hands and his eyes on a small stick at his feet, lamenting a quarrel he had had with a schoolmate, when suddenly he noticed the stick wriggling. Wondering if he had gone crazy, he rubbed his eyes, took his bearings, and again looked at the stick. Again it showed signs of life. Then he realized that he had been endowed with a wonderful gift.

Helen Wilmans says of this in Freedom:
Of course I cannot be sure that what is told of Viggo Lerche is true, but from what I know of the power of thought and of the power of the individual to transmit his thought to another person, it would not surprise me to know that the statement is positively true.

It has been noticed that in treating a patient, even though the healer addresses the mind of the patient, the thinking part of him that the thought he sends out seems to enter the patient's body first; that it seems to make its impression there even before the patient's brain perceives that the impression has been made.

In full accord with the position assumed in "Man's Greatest Discovery," that man will use Thought, or Life, as a motive power, is this extract from an article in St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Dr. Charles Tuckett, a retired St. Louis Doctor, is exhibiting in his home, at 4563 North Market street, the most extraordinary little railway in the city—a railroad whose motive power is the nervous energy of the human body.

Dr. Tuckett believes a time is coming when science will so confine the energy in the human system that, by grasping a lever, a man may run his automobile with the life force that is in him. To illustrate his discovery of nervous energy as a motive power, Dr. Tuckett has strung a copper wire in his home and has placed upon this a tiny truck. By rubbing his hand on a piece of paper and hanging it on the truck, he can pull the car forward, or back it, across the room by holding his hand a few feet away, the principle being that of the magnet.


From the many reports of experiments, the following reports are selected:—

Mrs. M. A. Winans, of Kansas, writes:

I have helped to perform that experiment in September NOW many years ago, but did not realize where the power lay. Four girls could lift a heavy man with ease when properly done. That is, there must be no foolishness nor laughing mixed with it.

C. H. Doty of Juniata, Neb., writes:

When I was a boy, somewhere from 1837 to 1840, we performed the experiment of "blowing each other up." One would lie on his back on a table or counter. Several, say four or eight, would stand on each side of him with one finger extended under him. Then all were to blow a long, steady, continuous breath upon his breast until we felt somewhat lightheaded. Then we raised our fingers and he would come up with us. I would like your explanation.

Here is the explanation: THOUGHT IS POWER. Power can be applied in millions of ways.

Onfa, of New Mexico, writes:

A sea captain, at an evening party in San Francisco, gave an illustration of what he termed an "Oriental Trick." He selected six young ladies, then placed himself upon the floor in a rigid condition, and placed the ladies, one at his head, one at feet, and two on each side—one at elbow and knee. They were then commanded to lean over, each placing the index finger of the right hand under the points mentioned. The order was given to breathe in unison and to lift with the finger with the first breath. At first breath the ladies raised the captain level with their heads, and then with the second lifted him above their heads and lowered him to an upright position by first removing the finger from the feet, then from the knees, balancing him for a moment on his elbows ere his feet reached the floor. This story was told me by one of the ladies who took part in the experiment.

I quote from Edward Everett Kale's book, "Lowell and His Friends," page 190, this remarkable reliable case of Telepathy:

The person who was the recipient of the message tells it thus:
I spent the night before Commencement on a lounge in Hollis 21. I could not afterwards remember dreaming of anything in particular; but as I woke I heard

"And what they dare to dream of, dare to die for."

Rather good sentiment," I said to myself; "it seems appropriate to the day"—then just dawning. And so I dropped off again.

The dinner was spread in the green. My seat was just about the middle. Mr. Lowell was about under the window of Hollis 21. When he arose he waited until all was quiet before he commenced reading. (It was his masterpiece, "The Harvard Commemoration Ode.") As he came to the words,

"Their higher instincts knew
Those love her best," —

I began to feel, not that I had heard this before, but that something was coming that was familiar.

"Who to themselves are true,"

went on the reader. "Hullo!" I said to myself, "I ought to know the next line."

"And what they dare"—

"Yes, but it isn't going to rhyme," and this without distinctly repeating the rest of the line.

But when he observed, "to die for," would not rhyme with "True," Lowell came to his relief by saying:

"And what they dare to dream of, dare to do." Says Mr. Hale: "So well authenticated a story of sympathy and telepathy seems worth repeating."

"How to Control Fate Through Suggestion,"
A Lesson in Soul Culture,
Henry Harison Brown,
Author of "Not Hypnotism, but Suggestion," "Man's Greatest Discovery," and Editor of NOW.

This little book is attracting much attention. The author's long experience along these lines enables him to write only what he has demonstrated as Truth. It should be used as a textbook by every thinking person. It teaches the science and philosophy of life and explains the place and power of Suggestion in a simple and practical manner. It gives the key to Success and Health.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox, in her article in the Hearst papers, says: "It is worth many dollars to anyone who will live its philosophy."'

Grant Wallace, who is writing splendid New Thought articles for the Evening Bulletin of this city, referred to it, saying: "It is a fine little book," and recommends it as a textbook on Suggestion.

J. Stitt Wilson, editor, lecturer and teacher of the New Thought, writes: "Your books are unique and to the point, and have the breath of life in them. I will bring them to the notice of my classes."


1437 Market Street, SAN FRANCISCO, CAL.

A Lesson in Soul Culture,
Henry Harrison Brown,
Author of "How to Control Fate through Suggestion," "Man's Greatest Discovery," and Editor of NOW.

The author in this book elucidates the principle of Suggestion. The term, "In the Silence, " is now used to designate the condition that heretofore has been termed "hypnotic." All these phenomena are due to the subjective mind, and should be studied until the art of Self Suggestion is so perfect that the individual can, through it, make of himself that which he desires. This is the only book extant that treats this marvelous discovery of the Power of Thought through Suggestion in a plain and scientific manner, free from occultism, mysticism, or dogmatism.

The author has received encouraging notices of appreciation of this little book from press and by letter.

Wm. E. Towne, our agent in Holyoke, Mass., says: "Your books are great sellers and they please everybody, too, that's the best of all."

This book has 60 pages, is nicely printed on good paper. It is a valuable textbook for all students in Suggestion. Price, 25 cents.


1437 Market Street, SAN FRANCISCO, CAI,.


Of which Henry Harrison Brown is President, believes there is no work so important, at this period of human development, as to teach man to know himself as a manifestation of the One Infinite Energy; that he is NOW AII, that Infinite Energy means to the scientist and theologian: that this Infinite Energy is latent within, only awaiting the proper suggestions to bring it into expression,

Man can, here and now, direct this Energy, which is his subconscious self, in its objective expression, and thus mold his destiny to his desire. This knowledge is above all other knowledge.

Feeling the wonderful importance of this, we have associated ourselves into a Company, whose object it is, not only to teach others, but also to demonstrate in ourselves this TRUTH.

"NOW" Company publishes NOW, a monthly Journal of Affirmation, Books, Mail Lessons, Advice, and has classes in Soul Culture at our Parlors. We have Healers and Advisers; also a "Home."

We make it possible for all persons associated with us to develop the best within them. We work eight hours a day. We believe in a practical application of the Golden Rule and conduct all our business iu this spirit. Property and money we regard only as the tool with which to make mankind more, by giving opportunities for expression.

Our governing Principle is the Affirmation:—ALL IS GOOD: our aim:—Human Brotherhood. We have in all our relations as a company and as individuals, adopted the Principle of Brotherhood, believing that only through this method of living and business can the true State and Society come. We do not theorize upon the various methods of reform, but we DO.

We share income and expense, labor and results, each giving of his ability, and each taking at his need. We have found, after a year's experience, that where the Spirit of Brotherhood is, there is no need of contract, law, criticism, or anything but love for, and trust in, each other as the embodiment of Divine Love and Truth. When all shall so live, there will be the perfect State, As far as possible, by word and deed, we shall help its realization. All who patronize us by buying our books, paper, or mail lessons, will be "doers of the Word" and helpers toward this perfection of the State. Everything advertised by "NOW" Company is exactly as represented. Where there is dissatisfaction, we refund money. Any further information will be gladly given on application.

Yours for Truth. "NOW" COMPANY,


"The Biggest Little Paper in the World."



24 pages, monthly. The Latest Evolution in the New Thought movement.

NOW has steadily improved. It will continue to improve, for its spirit is that of unfoldment. Considering the amount and QUALITY of its reading matter, it is the cheapest Journal in the New Thought lines.

NOW is the only journal of Affirmation ever printed.

NOW is the only journal in the world that deals with Thought upon a purely scientific basis.

NOW is the only journal that unites Physics and Metaphysics, and deals with both in a rational and common sense way.

NOW is free from reverence for theories and speculations because they are old.

NOW has nothing to do with ancient mysticism. It teaches modern ideas.

NOW has nothing to do with theology or the speculations of visionaries.

NOW recognizes Suggestion as the external control of man.

NOW is the only journal that teaches man how, through Affirmation, to become the Master of Fate.

NOW is practical and deals only with now and here. The Doing concerns it more than the mere knowing. It has no "Dont's" or "May be's."

Its Soul Culture Lessons are equal to any $25 Mail Course. Its Editorials are deeply scientific and practical. Its Affirmations unequalled. The whole paper is priceless.

Helen Wilmans, in Sept. "Freedom," speaks thus of NOW: "There are so many good things in NOW that when I begin to quote from it, the first thing I know I am getting it all. Such being the case, I advise my readers to send a dollar and get it. It is in magazine form, a good shape for preserving, and there are few publications as well worth keeping as it is."

Send in your subscription and reap what all men seek—POWER.
$1.00 per year. Trial Subscription, 3 months for 10 cents.


Mail Course in Suggestion

"NOW" Mail Course of instruction in Suggestion, consisting of 25 lessons, is needed by everyone. People long for mental tonics, educators, etc. This course in Suggestion fills this demand. It is for progressive people, those who want something GOOD and are willing to pay a legitimate price for the same. Each lesson is printed and bound separately and can be ordered "one-at-a-time" style. Mr. Brown has had 25 years of experience in this line of work and has seen every Principle he teaches DEMONSTRATED both in his own and in the lives of others. He never theorizes.

The knowledge gained from these lessons saves one doctor bills, failure and discontent, and insures health, success, and happiness.

This is an exhaustive course of instruction in Suggestion. IT PLEASES EVERYBODY. It covers the same ground as the regular course taught at our Soul Culture Institute for which we charge $25. Terms: $10 for the 25 Lessons, or 50 cents each, with a personal letter from Mr. Brown with each lesson, answering all points not understood.

Mail Course in Art of Living

The key to Healing and Self-Development in all Spiritual: Gifts. This valuable course is a purely scientific application of the Principles underlying the systems of "Mental," "Divine," and "Christian" Science, and all other schools of Metaphysics. It practically covers the fundamental principles of science, the law of physics, and the dual manifestations of the one substance known as matter and mind. It deals with Vibration, Sensation, Suggestion, Personal Magnetism, Thought as a form of Energy, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Mental Healing, how to be and keep well, the healing power of Thought, self-protection as sensitives, how to cultivate self-protection, psychometry, inspiration, etc., etc.

This course includes 25 lessons, each bound separately, and may be ordered one at a time at 50 cents each, or $10 for the entire course. These lessons are the very best ever put out: you will agree with us when you see any one of them. Mr. Brown will answer one letter of inquiry about each lesson without extra charge.

For testimonials or any information, address


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Henry Harrison Brown

  • Born in 1840
  • An early leader in the New Thought movement
  • Published NOW magazine which was "...a Monthly Journal of Positive Affirmations, devoted to Mental Science and the Art of Living."
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