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To Know Truth is to be Redeemed by It

The fact that men do not anticipate death for themselves, furnishes a tremendous argument in favor of the ultimate conquest of death. It shows that there is an intuitive perception within man of the eternal spirit of life that pervades all things. This spirit of life is the one fact upon which I wish to dwell at some length. I have thought about it a great deal, and yet it seems to me that the one and only thing I could say about it is simply that it exists; that it is. The world—the universe—is full of this spirit of life; it transfuses everything from the atom to man; from the grain of sand to the planet. It is never for a moment absent anywhere. Wherever it is, there life manifests in form; there it shows forth in living creatures. This spirit of life which is eternal and unchangeable, seems to be one thing all by itself; while the creatures which are infused by it appear to be apart from it and not of it. But there is a great fact to be brought to light here; man is one with this spirit of life, and not separate from it, as he appears to be, and as he has always believed himself to be. It is this spirit of life that has been called God, and worshiped as some supreme personality. But to assign the idea of personality to this universal vitality or life principle is one of the cardinal mistakes of the race. This principle of life exists as an essence, or spirit, or vital flame, that springs into manifestation wherever it is recognized and always in the degree in which it is recognized. For instance, the blade of grass recognizes a certain amount of the spirit of life, and shows this spirit of life forth in what it is. Higher grade of life, as the animals, show forth more of this transfusing spirit because they recognize more. Han shows forth more still because he, with his tremendous intellect, has the power to recognize more than an}' other creature.

Ever since the beginning of the manifestation of life there has been a steady increase in the power of the creature to recognize it.

Evolution has been brain-building. The line of continuity, so far as the unfoldment of the life principle has gone, has never been broken from the first life cell to man. It has been a continual increase of the consciousness of the law on the part of the creature.

In looking back down the past, I perceive that every step from the beginning has been the acquisition of more of the life principle, solely on account of the creature's power to recognize more of it; and I perceive, also, that at this time man, the most advanced of the creatures, is recognizing more than ever before, and that within the last few years his increasing power to recognize it has been truly a phenomenal thing. Every truth has its bearing on the whole truth; and the fact that men have grown steadily in intelligence as the ages proceeded, and that they have acquired more vitality in proportion as they grew in intelligence, would indicate that they have the power to acquire still greater intelligence; and with greater intelligence an augmented amount of vitality. Vitality is life. Vitality in the human organism is the life principle drawn to coherence through recognition on the part of the individual. Enough of this vitality will conquer death as easily as a superior amount of vitality now conquers disease. How do we conquer disease? By stimulating the vital powers so that they generate more force, more strength, more health. The power to conquer disease, which no one will deny, prophesies the power to conquer death. Disease is the negation or the non-recognition of the life principle. Death is the still further non-recognition of the life principle: it is the culmination of the non-recognition. Death is not something separate from disease; it is simply an extension of disease, or a deepening of disease: it is 'sinking still further and further in the direction of weakness; and weakness is nothing but the failure to recognize the life principle; the universal vitality. No doubt this will seem a very strange statement when I say that the simple recognition of the life principle, which comes through the superior intelligence of the individual, will ward off disease and conquer old age and death. I know that this statement will have no meaning whatever to the majority of people, but it is simply because they have given the subject no thought. When the fact is known that the life principle exists and is ubiquitous; that there is not a spot on earth nor in the universe that is not transfused by it, it will be absolutely necessary to accept the statement that there is no death. This is pure logic; the allness of life shuts out all possibility of death; and as man is pure intelligence, the simple knowing of this fact is his redemption.

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Helen Wilmans

  • Born in 1831 and died in 1907
  • Studied under Emma Curtis Hopkins
  • Was a journalist and author
  • Was active in the Mental Science Movement
  • Was charged with postal fraud for healing through mail. Fighting this charged caused her lose most of her fortune.

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