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Mental Science is the True Interpreter of the Bible

Every age has had its philosophers, every cycle of years its prophets; in fact, it may be truthfully announced that every advance which the race has made, that has been worthy of being regarded as a New Age, has been the result of new truths proclaimed by the prophets and philosophers of that time; or of some old truth newly stated in language with power to take hold upon the people and clinging to which, they climb higher and draw nearer to the infinite All Truth, leaving the old behind, and thus inaugurating a "new departure."

Seldom indeed has prophet or philosopher been acceptable to the age in which he lived and taught, for prophets and philosophers are image breakers, and this is the one thing that average people will not submit to. They cling fast to their old beliefs and theories with such tenacity that it usually takes generations to reconcile the race to any considerable change of beliefs. But it is these thinkers who, in spite of the slowness of the people to accept new ideas, do in the course of time, reshape the mental images of men and women. And it is this reshaping of public thought, of human belief, that marks the advent of a new age; that truly of itself constitutes the new age.

Mental Science, or the power of the human mind or will, is not a new subject for thought; far from it. No theme is older. Nothing in the history of the race antedates it. The first man who began to reason regarding himself and his relations to life and the source of life, had commenced the study of Mental Science, and he who said, "Man, know thyself," struck the keynote to all wisdom.

Every advance that man has ever made has resulted from a clearer perception of himself as man; a better seeing of his' own mental powers; a better understanding of himself as an intellectual entity, and, consequently, of his relations to the universal Law, the Law of Being and the Law of Doing.

Men have not always realized this, may not do so to any great extent now, yet in the nature of things it is true, and a moment's consideration will make the fact clear to anyone.

For men must first believe before they are ready to act; they shape their lives in accordance with their faith, no matter what their faith is; and in proportion as they know themselves, 'in proportion as they have faith or lack of faith in their own powers, will be the extent of endeavor they put forth; and as no progress was ever made without endeavor, so no endeavor was ever made without progress.

If it were possible that effort could be put forth without result, then could a cause exist without its corresponding effect? For the expressions ''effort and result" and "cause and effect" are synonymous terms.

So it is in proportion as man has learned to know himself, to understand the greatness of his own mind and will, that the race has progressed and will continue to progress.

The study of Mental Science is simply a study of the powers of the human mind and will, and Mental Scientists are those who, having made it a study, have gained some knowledge in tins direction in advance of those who have not made a study of it. That is all.

Mental Scientists do not claim to possess all the truth there is, for truth is infinite; it is measureless, limitless. It is by this one fact—the fact that truth is limitless—that we prove the infinite possibilities of the human intellect for perpetual unfoldment; for truth must be correlated to that which recognized it, or it might as well not exist.

It is this fact alone that justifies the hope of eternal life which we all find within ourselves; for if the wheels of progress were to stand forever still within our intelligences, then death were preferable; indeed, this would be death.

What Mental Scientists do claim is a greater faith in the possibilities of all the race than the world is at this time ready to admit; a greater faith in man and woman; a stronger belief in the power of their intellects and their ability to do more and to be more than they have ever done or been before. In other words, we believe the race is ignorant of its own great powers; ignorant of its ability to control matter and to mold its surroundings to suit itself, which it surely could do if it but believed in itself, and in the latent possibilities that are incarnate in it, as the head and crowning of all nature, and the leader in all advancement.

We believe the race has been, and is now, held back from its high destiny by man's ignorance of the wonderful powers he already possesses; powers that are adequate to his full and complete salvation from all the ills of life, such as weakness, disease, old age, poverty and death.

Some may be surprised that I speak of man's power to overcome poverty; but this is one of the truths we hold with unflinching firmness, because it is a truth we have demonstrated practically among those of our most advanced students, who have learned the wonderful secret of attracting to themselves all the externals of life that they need.

That the statement provoked doubt I know full well; and to the doubters I will say that knowledge is power, and that of all knowledge that of the occult or hidden is the greatest; that it is this knowledge which has worked all the miracles in the past ages; and which is even now working, similar results in many places on our earth today.

That I have included old age as one of the disabilities of life that can be conquered, is another truth to which we firmly hold, and which is in process of demonstration. Old eyes are being restored; white hair is returning by natural process to the original color of youth. Many patients are being treated mentally by our most powerful healers for the lines and symbols of age in their faces, and these lines and symbols are disappearing.

It is said that truth will make you free; and no greater truth than this was ever spoken. And this truth that is to make you free relates entirely to the latent, but mighty powers vested in the human mind, the knowledge of which unites a man to the great infinite power and makes him one with it.

"I and the Father are one," said Jesus; meaning that he was one with the Law of his Being, with which much study and thought had made him familiar.

We believe in man's ability to progress in a knowledge of the infinitude of his own powers; and we believe that the place to begin the search for truth is in a man's own self; in the study of man; and in the application of his powers of mind and will—as rapidly as he discovers them—to the conquest of the grosser substances of his body and of outside natural objects.

As stated before, we have demonstrated the powers of the mind over the body in the healing of sickness and disease in thousands of instances; aye, in tens and hundreds of thousands. What in a mere ignorant period of the world's history would have been esteemed miracles of healing are things of common occurrence in the everyday practice of more than one of our Mental Science healers; and the number of families that depend upon some member of their own family, or upon some Mental Scientist outside of the family, in case of sickness; or upon themselves and their own knowledge of mind to control the body in the prevention of sickness, is already great, and daily becomes greater.

We make no war upon medical practitioners; the shoe is on the other foot in this particular. They have made war upon us to the extent of their ability in those places where our best healers are located and curing diseases declared by the "regulars" to be incurable.

At their instigation, our healers have been fined and imprisoned for curing the sick given up to die by them as incurable and dying; yes, curing them.

This is a positive fact and has occurred often; one of the most notable cases being that of a certain Mrs. Post of Iowa, who saved a child's life that the regular M. D. had given up. This and similar cases have become matters of history.

The Liberty League of Boston successfully fought the Legislatures of Massachusetts for ten years to prevent the passage of laws for the total extinction of every demonstration of this new mental power.

The effort to have the laws passed was inaugurated and kept up by the old school medical practitioners of that state for many years. In Iowa and Illinois and several other states these laws have been passed, and now stand on the statute books of those states as marks of eternal disgrace to the men through whose influence they were placed there.

I do not wish to be understood as implicating the entire medical profession in what I have just said; for the fact is that many of the most able opponents of this infamous business were medical men themselves. They were men who had the breadth of intellect to know that prison bars would not confine, nor even hinder for a day, the spirit of progress that marks the history of the healing art. Their own experience has shown them that all healing was more mental than through the power of drugs, and they were watching the trend of every forward movement with the interest of big souls and brains, who have the welfare of the race at heart more than the private interests of their own pocketbooks.

Unfortunately for the history of the old schools of medical practice, this noble class of men were too limited in number to control the vast body of doctors who are doctors for the money in the business solely.

It was queer, though, the way the matter progressed. The allopaths, who had formerly made war on the homoeopaths, until the latter school had become too firmly established to make this warfare pay, joined with them in persecuting us; and every other little "pathy" that had anything like a secure footing joined in with them; they ceased quarreling among themselves, for the time, and "joined hands" to defeat the terrific new monster of healing, that did surely heal in a manner that was appalling to the pecuniary interests of the members of the fraternity.

That the time will come when drugs and medicines of all kinds will cease to be used we do not at all doubt; but it will only be when men have learned that the mind is by natural right the master of the body, and absolutely supreme in its mastery.

Many have learned it already, and all will learn it in time.

This truth, like every other truth, is for all; because every living soul is related through the mighty intellectual powers he holds in latency (as the acorn holds the oak) to all possible truth that the ages have the ability to reveal. There is scarcely anyone now who has not in some way learned that there are those who hold ideas on this subject far out on the road of progress beyond the accepted beliefs in such matters, and they begin to have some faith that there is truth in the claims put forth by us, and they desire to have farther knowledge of our teachings.

This subject, taken on its smallest and lowest basis, that of healing disease alone, is of immense interest to the general public, weakened as it is through and through with the old race beliefs in the infallible power of disease; for it is a fact that the belief in the power of disease is far ahead of the belief in the power of health in the minds of the people.

That we teach the very opposite of this is alone a matter of mighty interest to the public, and" it insures us a hearing wherever we choose to speak. A knowledge of our teachings spreads, and the truths that we proclaim are being introduced to the people everywhere.

Our teachers and our healers are in every great city and in large numbers of our towns and villages.

We have already several well supported papers devoted exclusively to our teachings; books and pamphlets devoted to the subject of mental healing and the powers of the mind by the hundred, and more appearing almost weekly. In fact, we have every evidence of the assumption that our teachings are acceptable and accepted by the people in a way, and to an extent, which marks this as the beginning of a new and better age than any which has preceded it since the history of the race began.

This could not be—this so general acceptance of our teachings—did they not appeal to the reason of men and women.

It is because they do appeal to their reason that they are so commonly and generally accepted where taught.

The people, the race of intelligent men and women, have outgrown much of the teaching of the past. They are now ready—more than they have ever been before—for the coming of the image breaker, and the image breaker has come.

There is an idea quite prevalent that Mental Science is a religion, and that its teachings are antagonistic to the religious of the day. It is necessary that this idea should be corrected. Mental Science is not a religion at all; it is the science of mind, pure and simple, and its whole mission is to establish the prominence of mind, in human affairs.

It is a fact that in establishing the prominence of mind, many of the old beliefs, once supposed to be religious, undergo a radical change; but when this change takes place, the unbiased thinker will readily perceive that it tallies infinitely better with the texts of that occult book—the Bible—than any interpretation of it previously given to the world.

Indeed, I should never have understood the Bible or the teachings and works of Jesus, but for the fact that Mental Science illuminates them and brings their long hidden meaning forth, making them all as plain as day.

Mental Science teaches that men are not helpless worms of the dust, to be crushed by external conditions and circumstances.

Everywhere in the Bible the promise is to him who overcomes, and not to him who succumbs. "Said I not ye are gods?" spoke up the genius of past ages, in that book so venerated by mankind. And what does this mean, unless it means that man has the power to master all his conditions; that he alone is architect of circumstances; lord of creation, in fact—through a knowledge of the Law of Being that unites him to the infinite potentiality of the universe? You may doubt this now, but you will come to believe and to know it to be true when you have studied the underlying principles of this mighty subject—the faintest hint of which it is hardly possible to give in one chapter.

What is it, that part of the man that you have always been taught to believe immortal; that should live forever?

Not the body, but the unseen man, the mind, the will, the soul. This is the true man; the real man.

And shall not the true man and the real man be master over the body, which is but that form of the real man built up by the errors of the age, instead of being built by the unerring knowledge of truth?

When he comes into the knowledge of the truth, which is a knowledge of his own power—the power of his own mind over his body, he will be able to rebuild his body to suit his aspirations after perfection.

The master is never a master, and the slave is never a slave, till each comes into a recognition of the situation. Therefore the body—which is the sum total of the world's beliefs in weakness, disease and death—will always be master until the mind shall acquire the intelligence to assume control, and assign the body to the position of servitude to which it is rightly entitled.

The mind is now enslaved by the body, and will remain so until it sees the situation and perceives its own supremacy; then the situation will be reversed, and the mind will control the body, cast out its beliefs in disease, old age and death, and make it the deathless medium of its own transmission to the world of effects, the external world.

Until men understand their true relation to their bodies they are slaves to their bodies. But knowing the Law, and recognizing the superiority of the mind, the position of body and mind with relation to each other will be reversed. Then the true man—the mental man—steps into mastership, assumes the throne and is absolute ruler over everything below himself in the scale of being.

He is master over his own body, and over conditions that would fetter his progress; over circumstances and over time.

That this is to be so when the real man—the mind— comes into possession of his power I think no one anywhere will deny —the common belief being, however, that this can only occur after the dissolution of the body, sometime, somewhere, in a place called Heaven.

In the spirit—after the body is laid aside—so runs the old belief—then man would be superior to, and master of, grosser substances.

With such teachings and such beliefs Mental Scientists differ only by asserting that the time and the place when the real man may successfully assume his rulership is now and here; provided only that he recognizes the fact.

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Helen Wilmans

  • Born in 1831 and died in 1907
  • Studied under Emma Curtis Hopkins
  • Was a journalist and author
  • Was active in the Mental Science Movement
  • Was charged with postal fraud for healing through mail. Fighting this charged caused her lose most of her fortune.

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