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Man a Magnet

The man who possesses the most powerful selfhood attracts to himself what he considers the most good, and his power to attract it is not limited to those unseen elements which we call spiritual, and by which his character is said to be built up in force and strength; but he also attracts from the world of visible things just what he desires.

It is only in proportion as his character is built in strength that he finds the power to attract outside things to himself, such as friends, wealth and honors.

As a man can only increase in truth and lasting power by increasing in a sense of justice, it is, therefore, impossible for him to become a dangerous person in this way, as seems to be the general belief. No man gains in strength by attracting to himself what we call evil (mistaken) influences. He weakens himself in this manner and limits his influence.

A belief in evil, like a belief in disease, is really a belief in nothing, and is therefore powerless to do anyone harm except so far as to arouse a needless fear in others. All beliefs in evil influences, and all forms of disease, are simply so many denials or negations of the power which rightly belongs to the man. To deny this power within a man does not nullify it, but only blinds the person who denies it to the sight of it. This is all.

To illustrate: People may believe in evil as much as they please, and may attempt to heap evil influences upon me. Suppose that T, too, believe in evil influences, and thus make a mental admission of their power over me. I then take the consequences of my belief in evil and begin to show it forth, for a man shows forth for the time being just what he believes, whether good or evil. But suppose, on the other hand, that I know the Law. I then laugh at the futility of their attempts, and go on believing in the absolute good, and showing forth its power. All beliefs in evil and disease are based on fear. Their effects upon people arc psychological; that is, the belief being thrown upon a person and the person not standing in the stronghold of self, is like a mirror that reflects or shows forth that which is thrown upon it.

Disease may be called a weak belief; that is, it is a belief in weakness. If you have the belief, then the cure for you is to convince you that you are strong. This is the only cure there is for you. Being altogether mental, it is a fact, and the great truth above all other truths. You are, therefore, as far as your body is concerned, an intellectual statement. You have accepted the statement of yourself almost unquestioningly from others; you are dissatisfied with the statement because it is a weak one and you want a better one. You cannot have a better one until you see wherein your present statement is wrong. As soon as you see this yon will be well, and this is all there is of it.

You have never thought of yourself as a magnet, and have probably connected the idea of magnetism with mesmerism, and have been frightened by the thought of it. But you are a magnet, and when I say this I mean that you have something within yourself that is forever true to you. It is always with you and always holding the fort against outside invasion. And yet this inner stronghold you have been taught to look upon with suspicion, and have tried to lay it down or yield it up as a sacrifice to your miseducated conscience.

The steadfastness with which you stand true to this inner fort marks your power as a magnet; and the more you recognize this power, this magnetic force, the more you come within the line of the Principle of Attraction, and the more you will be able to draw to yourself such good as you may desire.

I have spoken of your coming within the line of the Principle of Attraction. In strict truth, you are always within it and cannot be outside of it; but you might as well be out of it as to be in that condition of ignorance regarding it that deprives "you of claiming and using its power.

If you are a magnet and do not know it, you are on the animal plane of growth, and your growth will soon find its limit, as all animal or unconscious growth does; but to know that you are a magnet and that you are under the Principle of Attraction, places you in the line of conscious growth where you have nothing to do but to recognize your power as a magnet, in order to keep on growing or acquiring a greater power all the time.

To recognize that the will or intelligence within you is a magnet must show you the true situation regarding yourself. A magnet draws to itself. With each evolution of the magnet to a higher form of life, it defines its wants more and more, or knows better what it really does want. The blind cry for "More! More!" becomes a definite cry for some well understood need; and thus we ripen into power; for what we need and demand we must get. There is not an opposing power in the universe to anything we want. Whatever we want we can have, and it will come to us soon or late in proportion as we hold this inner fort for ourselves. Let us say that the will which is the inner force is now crowned by a recognition of its power and authority. It stands a unit, and is the unit which is a magnet of irresistible strength. It recognizes its strength and above all its right. It says, "I am master of all things; I created myself; I had the universe out of which to create myself; I have reached a position of true and genuine manhood by perceiving the facts concerning myself; true being is right seeing, and I now sec rightly. Having made myself, I am my own man. Every good in the universe belongs to me, and being negative to me cannot help but come to me as I demand it. Do I demand health? It is already mine, and the diseased beliefs which appear upon me are but denials or ignorance concerning this fact. What, then, do I demand? Am I satisfied with my advancement? Certainly not; my previous advancement has been comparatively nothing. While my body did its own growing I could not be said to be an individual at all in the high sense of the' word. Now that I have learned how to grow I have but just arrived at the condition of individuality. My individuality is just born, as it were. This being so, the entire process of my future growth lies beyond the experience of any person on the face of the earth, and the road I am to travel is quite unknown to me. Indeed, there is no road. My path lies through a trackless expanse of unknown country, and I have only one guide in traveling it. That guide is faith, faith in the Principle of Attraction and in my own power to express it on the external plane; faith in the outcome of my untried faculty, for I have learned to believe in myself. I have learned how to grow, and I mean to keep on growing. Here I stand true as steel to the incarnate "I" within me. Here I stand with my intelligence reaching forth in my outgoing thought that will bring me whatever I demand. In this way the awakening power will find its co-relative among the unknown elements and become bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.

And how can the things I desire come to me? I am pervaded by the Principle of Attraction. I am a magnet, and it is the nature of a magnet to attract. Under a consciousness of the Law, it can do nothing else. But what do I want to attract? That which will build me up in a greater knowledge of my own strength. This is what I want to attract every hour. Perhaps my ignorance is so great that I cannot name what I want. It makes no difference. I want just that which will make me conscious, and still more conscious, of my own strength. Whatever this may be, it is related to my desire or will, and my intelligence being one with my will makes me a perfect unit, and therefore an irresistible magnet. My own comes to me.

But I have got to know this; I will not get what I want if any doubt weakens me as a magnet and destroys my power. Therefore, as I have said, do not ask or beg for what you want, because the position of the supplicant is a weak one, implying doubt; but demand your own. The demand shows forth the conviction of your right. It is full of faith, or of something even better than faith, and that is understanding.

Take your position as a citizen of the universe with latent powers that co-relate every external thing, including the thousand unexplored atmospheric forces, and make your demand for that which will develop you to much greater power and strength than you have ever known.

We can never make much advancement in the new road which we are now traveling until we cease to believe in what is termed the impossible. So long as we believe that there is anything impossible that our intelligent desires project, we will stand where we are—right in these same old tracks where our forefathers have stood since the dawn of reason. We must pull up stakes and away. Nature has been trying to give U3 hints on this subject always. She calls to us constantly by all her myriad voices, "Go on, go on, or else die." She will not permit us to stand still. The whole tendency of life is to still greater life. It is to carry out life into greater uses than the generations behind us knew anything about. "Learn a thing and leave it," cries our stern old mother, Nature. "Do not stand one hour to con over the lesson you know; hasten on to the next one. There shall be no standing still in my world; hurry up, or hurry out!"

Individuality is the one guarantee of success in this life or any other; and a person's destiny rests on his power to stand alone. No man will ever be the magnet to attract success until he can stand alone, straight and tall as a liberty pole, glorying in his position, free from fear, independent of public opinion, and daring to be himself. Here is the strength that draws still greater strength. Here is that which all men adore and before which all false assumptions of greatness doff their tinseled crowns.

Let a man once achieve this position permanently, and Fate kicks and starves him no more. She has found her master, and no old livery hack submits to the collar or bit more mildly than she. When once man has emerged into a so-called lawlessness by speaking the best he knows, regardless of what anyone may think, he has ceased to be a citizen of the negative world, and has entered into the freedom of universal truth. And yet the man who is speaking the best that he knows may be very far from speaking absolute truth. But it is his attitude that nature endorses. It is an attitude where the best there is can eventually reach him. It is an unfettered attitude, the attitude of a demigod. To be a fool for truth's sake is to put truth in your debt where you can compel its best services!

The effort on the part of nature, however, to make a man stand alone does not end with the simple understanding of himself. Many people who are forced into this situation are starved as a result of it. To stand alone without an intelligent understanding of the position is often weakness instead of strength, a weakness that degenerates into mere vagabondage. To stand alone without being conscious of the strength of the position will not do. While the attitude is essential to the perfect magnet, it takes the intelligence to complete it and show forth its true strength. If a man understood this he could well afford to cut himself loose from all his possessions, every hampering tie, in order to feel what fearlessness is. To be fearless is to be where no adverse thing can touch you, where disease cannot affect you nor poverty cast a shadow over you, where death cannot reach you.

Disease and poverty and all those conditions we dislike so much are founded on fear. Every condition to be found in the negative pole of life is based on fear, and without fear it could not possibly exist.

To cross from the negative to the positive pole of life is to pass from belief in disease and death to the knowledge of the fact that in absolute truth there is no disease or death, and this can only be done by getting rid of fear, and we will never be free from fear until we stand erect and alone with a consciousness of our true situation.

To be able to stand alone with a consciousness of the power in so doing will be the crowning act of the magnet, man. He will then have been born into the positive pole of life, whore his career of self-ownership will begin, and where lie can send out his thoughts and they will bring him what he wants. He will be a magnet revolving about other magnets as powerful as he. For men and women must come into this strength and knowledge before the ideal society will be here. And the ideal society is one of man's indispensable necessities. "Ye are the temple of the living God." Not the temples, but the temple. Society must be composed of units, each of which is a perfect whole, else there will be no true reciprocal interchange.

By the expression perfect whole, I do not mean that man coming into the position I have described will cease growing. I simply mean that he will then be individualized. He will be a true individual, standing in a mastership of his own faculties, and in this respect drawn apart from the influence of other men, and capable of living the life indicated by his peculiar genius. He will no longer be in that indefinite frame of mind where he, with thousands of others, can be pressed into the same mold. Once individualized he will simply be perfect in being in the right condition to begin his endless career of development, to continue all through the ages of eternity. He will be perfect as a magnet and will have the power to acquire whatever his will or desire may call for.

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Helen Wilmans

  • Born in 1831 and died in 1907
  • Studied under Emma Curtis Hopkins
  • Was a journalist and author
  • Was active in the Mental Science Movement
  • Was charged with postal fraud for healing through mail. Fighting this charged caused her lose most of her fortune.

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