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Length of Life is Increasing

The brain or thought factory has always led. What it said was true was instantly built upon by the digestive system" and became flesh and blood.

No matter how erroneous the statement may be which the brain makes, so long as that statement is accepted and believed, the digestive system builds it into veritable flesh and blood and it becomes living tissue.

Take for instance the race belief in death. Because at this time we have seen that all lives terminate in death we say death is the one inevitable thing. This statement formulated by the brain is accepted by the digestive system—which always builds under orders from the brain—and the result is that everybody dies. The digestive system which is that part of ns that clothes beliefs with flesh, builds in the direction of death instead of building in the direction of life. It builds the human body in weakness instead of building it in power, as it would do if the brain made a statement of power instead of weakness.

It makes no difference what the brain says, whether disease or health; whether old age or perpetual youth; whether death or the conquest of death; just what it says is the thing the digestive system will build and make manifest in the body.

This was the method of growth on the unconscious plane—by which I mean the plane below the reasoning plane—the plane where creatures simply grew in blind obedience to the Law of Attraction, before they were prompted to investigate the law.

We have the most undeniable proof of this fact; we see it in the gradual improvement of the different species of plants and creatures clear up to man. Everything—no matter how low in the scale of lift—projects some belief that reaches beyond its present condition, and is an improvement upon its present condition. This belief is gradually clothed by the digestive system of the creature, so that in time there is an improvement; a gradual growth toward the making of more powerful beliefs and to the inevitable sequence—namely, the clothing the new beliefs by the digestive system.

Here is the whole scheme of evolution. The digestive system is always negative to the brain or thought-projecting power, and its building efforts flow constantly into the last, best and highest statement of this power.

What will seem a strange thing is the fact that creatures have the privilege of building below their present manifestation or bodily expression quite as readily as they build above it. They have the privilege of degenerating as well as that of improving. They may and do—under certain environments which they cannot overcome—grow so much weaker than their progenitors that their brain yields them a feebler statement of life; a weaker belief with regard to their ability to do certain things. In this condition, and because of their weakened belief, they degenerate.

The mind or brain must carry a constant belief in its own power, or else it loses that power. When a certain breed of monkeys found its members could no longer obtain their favorite food from the trees on which they had once lived, and were obliged to live on food they gathered on the ground, they gradually lost the use of their tails, and in time they lost their tails. It may look like folly to say that this whole process was mental, but it was. The monkeys forgot that they had tails; their tails dropped out of their minds and no longer called on the digestive system for the food that had previously supported them. .Let us now suppose that these same monkeys in the course of time found food growing scarce again. It became an absolute necessity for them to think about getting food somewhere else. They were not aware of the fact that they were thinking, for they had not yet emerged from the unconscious plane of growth where thought takes no notice of itself. But it is a fact that they did think because they had to think in order to even know that they were hungry, or to take a single step in the direction of obtaining other food. Let us now suppose that the new food they found was less nutritious than what they had previously lived upon; it would then follow that they would degenerate, and lose to a still farther degree a belief in their power, and so be forced to make a still weaker statement of themselves.

So we see that degeneration is a possible thing. No matter how high a creature's belief may be, if there is nothing for the digestive system to build the belief into flesh and blood, the inevitable result is seen in loss of power.

This fact teaches us a very important lesson; .namely, that we are dependent on Mother Earth for the visible continuance of our lives.

The folly of ignoring the visible part of us, and putting our faith in something which is invisible and beyond the plane of our present efforts, is beginning to be very apparent to all persons who will do their own thinking. Evolution is destroying the heaven of the future by showing man that he created himself in all his past, and predicting grounds for a belief that he can continue to do so. Evolution shows the necessity of drawing our sustenance from the earth and its surrounding fluids; it has established the fact that our lives are dependent on the things which nature yields, and that our lives are of a more developed type in proportion as it yields us more and better food.

Eight up to the present moment we see that food has been our great developing agent; and it is also true that this will always continue to be the case.

But I am not going to stop to discuss this matter now. I want to speak again of the degeneration sometimes apparent in plants and animals, and even perhaps in men. That there are negative influences as well as positive ones no person will deny; but it is observable in the long continued course of growth that the positive influences gain on the negative ones, and life proceeds more rapidly and with less and less of the degenerating impulse. In other words, life makes a constant gain over death. In other words still, there is a constant increase of vitality visible as evolution proceeds.

There was no conscious life on the planet at first, even though all was life in undevelopment. It was life so entirely unconscious of itself that it might have been called dead. But the vital principle of the Law of Attraction manifested more and more all the time, until plants appeared, and then animals.

But the vital power—which is life—kept on manifesting. It kept conquering death in one form or another all the time in spite of occasional retrogression. Indeed it began to gain rapidly over its earlier condition of deadness; it produced animals that constantly improved upon former species in every way. It is plain to the commonest thinker that the whole trend of things was from the deadness of early beginnings to a constantly increasing aliveness. The world is more alive today than ever before. It will be more alive tomorrow than it is today. And why?

It is because all creatures and things, even the lowest forms of life, point upward. It is this upward pointing of all things that leads from lower to higher species constantly. There is nothing that does not aspire to higher conditions; in other words, there is nothing that does not desire something more and better than it has. Its growing intellect speaks in desire, and desire is builded into organism by the digestive system; and so growth proceeds.

It is a tremendous thought, this of the world's becoming more alive every day. Think of it will you? Why it is an absolute guarantee of the conquest of death in time. This result is inevitable. From death to life is the road the race is traveling now, though it is not aware of it. It still remains on the plane of unconscious growth; it is only here and there that a thinker gets up and expounds the situation; a thinker, who by much reasoning on the subject of evolution, and by a close inspection of the always growing faculties of man, has arrived at an understanding of the whole matter.

This is the transitional period from the unconscious plane of growth to the conscious plane. Only a few of us have reached the conscious plane yet, but still the vitalizing principle increases just the same as it has done in the past; the world is growing more highly vitalized every day. Thought is responsible for this; intelligent thought that is constantly recognizing more and more of the world's unexplored and undeveloped forces.

The vitalizing influx proceeds whether the race applies itself to the effort of understanding it or not. The period of such application is not yet reached except by a very few. When it is reached by all, the transposition from the unconscious to the conscious plane of life will be complete.

And when this time comes life will bound forward with lightning speed; it has been slow while confined to the unconscious plane—the plane where there was almost no thought to recognize it. It is recognition of this vitality—this everlasting life principle—that lifts the race from the unconscious to the conscious plane of growth; and it is on this latter plane of growth that man comes into a knowledge of his own mastery and begins to create from his own reasoning powers, instead of from his blind, groping desires, as he created on the unconscious plane.

The difference between the conscious and unconscious planes of life is this; on the unconscious plane the creature pushes forward in the direction of what it wants, through the power of the unreasoning brute will, without any reflection on the matter. In the course of race growth the reflective faculties are developed, and the creature, instead of pushing forward through the force of the brute will, begins to reason on his own innate, but undeveloped powers, when he discovers that he can accomplish his desires through the channels of thought; through belief in his ideals; together with a steady work in the effort to execute them or bring them forth on the material plane.

The first position is one of constant warfare with other creatures on the brute plane, and the entire condition is inharmonious in the extreme.

Such a position necessarily favors isolation; creatures, or even men, that belong to this order, fear and avoid each other.

The Law of Attraction—which is the life principle—manifests in seeming weakness, and race vitality is at a low ebb. Indeed, the farther back we go in the investigation of our earlier existence and our earlier conditions and surroundings, the plainer we see that there was a time when the manifestation of life was so feeble that it was hardly perceptible, and that from this low plane the constant increase of life as expressed in the constantly improving races of animals shows a tendency toward a sort of half conscious understanding of the rights of each other, together with less fear of each other, and consequently a closer approach to each other, thus showing the growing power of the Law of Attraction; and with this growing power was more life evolved constantly.

This evolvement of more and more life has been going on from the start—if there was any start—and it is still going on. It was so weak at first that death was more apparent than life; so that the people said, "Death is the one inevitable thing." But now the life principle is asserting itself so rapidly that the thinker who investigates the matter honestly, begins to see that life is conquering death; it is getting the start of death.

All things prove this. Take, for instance, the race methods of locomotion. See how we have conquered space and time by the inventions of our brains. And another instance is found in the fact that improved foods and improved sense of personal power are now yielding longer lives. It seems hardly anything now to cross the century line; all the papers are stating such instances. In addition to this, statistics are showing that the average length of human life is increasing rapidly.

And yet people look you honestly in the face and tell you that "death is the one thing inevitable." If this were so, and if death were more powerful than life, why is it not driving life out, instead of being driven out by life?

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Helen Wilmans

  • Born in 1831 and died in 1907
  • Studied under Emma Curtis Hopkins
  • Was a journalist and author
  • Was active in the Mental Science Movement
  • Was charged with postal fraud for healing through mail. Fighting this charged caused her lose most of her fortune.
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