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Immortality in the Flesh Rests Upon the Fact That the Highest Always Has Power to Control All Below It

I am far from being alone in my search for immortal life in the flesh, or in faith that it can be accomplished, though all who search and hope have not the courage to declare their purpose. Eminent physicians talk of "increasing the tenure of life in man," and of "a renewal of youth" after old age shall have stiffened the joints and lessened the flow of the vital forces. Today, as I laid aside my pen to scan the papers I found in two dailies of wide circulation and influence a half page in each devoted to accounts of declared discoveries, by a noted professor, of a lymph that is to renew youth in age, and extend the span of life from three-score and ten to many times that number of years. This professed discovery is treated by the great journals of the land with respect, as being a thing that their editors conceived to be possible. They do well to give such encouragement. Every honest searcher after a knowledge of the hidden laws of being is worthy of commendation and support, however mistaken he may be in his conclusions, or however misleading the clew which he follows. As in ancient times all roads led to Rome, so, in science, all research leads in the direction of ultimate truth. The victory over death will never be gained through the introduction into the circulation of the blood of any lymph or other fluid or solid; but investigation and research bring an increase of knowledge, and every advance in knowledge brings us one step nearer the truth.

We concede to lymph and to drugs a character, an individuality, and the authority which individuality implies. Individuality, whether of the lowest or the highest form, implies character; implies it in the rock as certainly as in the man. The character of any certain drug is the same always, but its relation to, and power over, other individualities vary, as the mental characteristics of individuals vary; hence, the improbability of a science of medicine. Prof. Metchinkoff, or another, may discover a lymph or a drug that will have the effect of helping to sustain life in human bodies beyond the present average of years; but nothing except an understanding of the law, and a coming into harmony with it, by which means it is possible to command it, will ever enable man to continue existence in the body at will. These men are not wiser in their day and generation than was Ponce de Leon in his. They seek for the elixir of youth at the same fountain-head. The only difference between the de Leon of 1512 and these searchers of 1900 for lymph, is that these seek to produce what he sought to find—a combination of material substances possessing the power to remove the effects of old age. They search amiss, yet do they approach the truth, who seek through physical means to preserve the physical body. For in the last analysis the physical is one with the mental; and through searching they will arrive at the great truth that, though one in essence, yet is the physical but the visible expression of the mental, which latter is the overseer and rules; and to it, and not to the physical, must the appeal be made for the renewal of youth and the conquest over old age and death. That this is true we have demonstrated again and again by actual test. That it is true can be logically demonstrated to anyone capable of deducing a logical conclusion from a presentation of self-evident facts.

For example, the rock crumbles beneath the action of the elements and becomes soil; slowly, but certainly, the soil becomes soluble, and is drawn into the life of the vegetable whose roots have found lodgement and a home in its depth; the vegetable is consumed by man and goes to form the tissues of his body, including the brain, which evolves thought, as a flower gives off perfume; is consumed in thought much as the body is wasted by physical exertion. By a perfectly natural process the rock has evolved into the finest and most powerful element possible to conceive of, proving beyond possibility of mistaking that the physical is in essence one with the mental. And as of the rock, so of every other material object perceived by the senses, including drugs of whatever character or class. They all possess character, but it is of the crudest, and becomes nil when brought into collision with the finer forces on the mental plane. The highest controls by virtue of being highest. If this were not so, then there could be no progress, no growth. If the lowest had power to command the highest, then, indeed, would the race be without hope, and utter annihilation and a dreamless sleep be of all things most desirable.

But it is not so. The higher forever dominates the lower and the preservation, indefinitely and at will, of the coarser elements of the body through the action of the finer, the mental, is possible of accomplishment.

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Helen Wilmans

  • Born in 1831 and died in 1907
  • Studied under Emma Curtis Hopkins
  • Was a journalist and author
  • Was active in the Mental Science Movement
  • Was charged with postal fraud for healing through mail. Fighting this charged caused her lose most of her fortune.

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