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All Growth is a Revolt Against the Claims of the So-Called Law of Gravitation

No man has tested the powers of his own mind; no man knows its mysterious complications, or dreams of the strange seed lying dormant within it, and capable of springing up into the blossoming and fruitage of such wonders as it would be madness even to name in those pages.

But in these years of study that I speak of, enough has been revealed to me of the giant power sleeping in the brain of the race, to keep me from wandering off to other worlds for a solution of its exceptional actions. Many things concerning it that will seem fabulous to others, I know to be true; and, indeed, so great have become my conceptions of its possibilities, that at this time I have pulled up all the stakes that have ever, to me, environed it, and have established it in my belief as respondent in all particulars to that omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent principle of life that men call God.

I think it will readily be seen tow—there being no nothing, and thoughts being things—that a thought may appear in objectivity from the thinker, and thereby become discernible by the physical senses of the thinker, and to others who may be present.

The same thing may be said of the voices we hear.

But these explanations go for nothing, so long as it remains that some seemingly invisible power can overcome the law of gravitation in the human form, and lift it from the earth with evident ease.

This matter remained a mystery to me for years, until I learned that man had the power to become master of the law of gravitation, after which he could float in the air at his will.

"But," someone remonstrates, "you had no knowledge of this power, and yet you floated; therefore, it must be that some power outside of yourself lifted you."

For a long time I reasoned this way myself; and I believed that I was lifted by spirit power.

But after a time I considered how it had ever been, that some seemingly accidental exhibition of a new power had come as a forerunner to open the eyes of men to a new possibility within themselves; and I began to see that this experience of mine might belong to this same class of premature revelations.

I could readily admit that if it were in a man's power to overcome the law of gravity (so-called), accidental conditions of thought might arise within him, unanalyzed by himself, that for the time being would lift him into the air.

The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced of it. The more I reasoned on the law of gravitation, the law which seems to draw all things to the center of the earth, the more clearly I saw that it was the Law of Attraction in its action upon—so-called—dead matter; and that there was no power that could of itself draw anything toward the earth's center, provided the thing to be drawn did not want to be drawn in that direction.

That any substance or thing, no matter how powerful, could refuse to obey this law, proved at once that there was a higher power than the law, or else that the law was not understood.

Of course, I at once assumed that the law was not understood.

The law of gravitation is that power which draws towards the center of the earth; but what is the Law of Attraction?

I answer that there is but one law, and I shall call it the Law of Attraction. The—so-called—law of gravitation is the negative action of the Law of Attraction. In other words, it is the Law of Attraction in its action upon what is called dead matter; it is powerless upon all substances in proportion to the intelligence of the substance. It cannot compel the intelligent will of any creature to obey it. Indeed, I may state it in this way; that while the law of gravitation, the law that draws to the earth's center, is operative upon mind in its unawakened condition, it is powerless to act on mind in which a will has been developed. As weak a thing as a blade of grass obeys its own will; a will that leads it upward instead of downward toward the earth's center. I saw it rise out of the earth and begin its little journey toward the sun. I saw as feeble a thing as a crawling worm overcome the earth's attraction, and mount a tree trunk, climbing upward in obedience to its own awakening perceptions of the Law of Attraction expressed in itself as will power.

I saw that while "dead matter," which is mind unconscious of its own will, was held to the earth's center, that "live matter," which is mind conscious of its own will, was on a journey in another direction.

Then there is no law that holds objects to the earth's center, provided the objects have a will to travel toward the sun. This so-called law is the law of inertia; the law of death to the dead; or, in strict truth, it is the absence, as nearly as can be, of the Law of Attraction, which is the only law of life; the law of growth.

The law of gravitation is the negative pole of the Law of Attraction, or the law of being.

The peach ripens and falls; it falls toward the earth. Why?

Because it is so much inert substance, and it is drawn to a larger body of inert substance. If the peach had been larger and heavier than the earth, it would have drawn the earth to it.

In bodies of equal deadness, by which I mean bodies that are equally lacking in consciousness of will, the power to draw each other is dependent on their size and weight. But once introduce into inert mind (matter) the vitalizing principle of conscious will, and the whole statement is changed. Size and weight have nothing to do with the drawing power; the conscious will is under obedience only to its own desire. The latent power slumbering in matter has awakened, and it has come under obedience to the Law of Attraction.

It has evolved a will that its intelligence recognizes as its leading power, and it goes to any place toward which the will may point, whether toward the earth or away from it. If it goes away from the earth, as all advanced life does in its growth, it goes as far away as its intelligence permits it to go. That is, it goes as far as it believes that it can go; its belief in this particular marking the limit of its intelligence. Flying creatures are more unlimited in their belief in this one matter than the creatures that remain on the earth. And it is because they do realize more of the Law of Attraction than other creatures that they have sprouted wings. The law of cosmogony expresses itself in conformity with a belief in the Law of Attraction; and evolution has steadily proceeded on this principle from the first effort of individualism to man.

The Law of Attraction is the law of gravitation raised from a basis of unconscious life or ignorance of life, to a conception of life in which the will becomes the principal factor, and elects for itself the direction in which it shall be attracted. Intelligence refuses obedience to mere bulk and weight, and follows any attraction that seems good to it.

A grain of sand is under obedience to the law of gravitation; the earth holds it to itself. But imagine the grain of sand changed to a minute insect; it instantly declares its freedom from the law that influences the grain of sand, and lifts itself up above the earth. And it will maintain its independence of the earth until it dies; then the earth, by the law of deadness, in which bulk and weight make the attraction, claims its own, and the insect lies helpless upon it.

The whole tendency of evolution is from inertia to activity; from deadness to life; from obedience to the law of inert or unawakened substance—the law of gravitation—to the intelligent attraction which is the law of awakened or conscious substance.

In strict truth there is no dead substance, because all substance holds life in latency; but until the latent life principle begins to express itself intelligently, this substance is under obedience to the law of gravitation only.

But, as substance does express itself more and more intelligently, the law of gravitation loses its force, and the Law of Attraction is substituted. Thus all individual lives work out their own freedom through intellectual growth.

Intellectual growth is the liberation from the law of gravitation, which is the law of death, or rather the law of life; because death has no law, but is simply the negation of the Principle of Attraction, which is the law of life.

Man becomes more free from the—so-called—law of—so-called—dead matter with every acquisition of intelligence he makes; and he is now approaching a plane of knowledge, where he will realize that by the Law of Attraction he can break his allegiance to the earth and float in the air. And this will simply be the beginning of his exploits in this direction.

As I—from some peculiar and accidental consciousness of this great truth—actually floated in the air, so the time will come in which I shall learn how I did it; and thus be able to do it again.

It is probable that in my then negative condition a higher sense of freedom took possession of me, which my uneducated faculties would have denied, and thus have frustrated the phenomenon, but that—for the time being—they were inoperative, and did not put in their ignorant protest.

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Helen Wilmans

  • Born in 1831 and died in 1907
  • Studied under Emma Curtis Hopkins
  • Was a journalist and author
  • Was active in the Mental Science Movement
  • Was charged with postal fraud for healing through mail. Fighting this charged caused her lose most of her fortune.

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