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Twelfth Day—Saturday, Sept. 10th Beattock to Glasgow—56 ¼ Miles Total—593 Miles

During the night the storm had cleared away, so that when we made a start for the day at 5.15 a.m., the stars were shining brightly in the clear sky. Just a nip of frost in the air made the morning rather cold—a little too much so. Taken all round, it was far better than we had expected from the promise of last night.

The week seemed already at an end. No pause was made until 20 miles had been left behind, then the breakfast at Abington was discussed.

During the early hours of the morning my friend dismounted several times to get a signature and sometimes to walk with me, beating his hands to keep up the circulation.

The road from Beattock village to Abington crosses the summit of Beattock Mountain, 1,025 feet above sea level.

The scenery may be described as ordinary, for it consists nearly entirely of wild moorland. Still it has a grandeur all its own, and we enjoyed it.

We were both glad when after breakfast time came for moving, for we had not enjoyed this meal very much.

Another 36 miles and Glasgow would be reached, and the record week's work ended.

My attendant tried in vain to get a meal at Blackwood, 9 ½ miles past Lesmahagow, but was compelled to push on to Larkhall for it.

About this time friends from Hamilton, Glasgow, Larkhall, etc., were meeting us. Their company was very welcome.

We had a good meal at a friend's house at Larkhall where we stayed 1-g hours.

It was a triumphal procession from here to Glasgow. Quite a crowd walked or rode all the way. Long before we arrived in town the news had got abroad consequent upon an announcement in the Glasgow Evening News that I might be expected between nine and ten o'clock.

I dislike crowds; the contrast from my quiet country life is too much, and to-night it was a specially large one. However, the Royal Exchange was reached in safety.

Had I paused only a few seconds I should have been hemmed in, with the possibility of having my feet damaged, but a tram car just starting was utilized to stop the crowd. We jumped in and were off.

A mental review of the week, as the tram moved along, was very satisfactory.

I had covered 320 miles in the last six days (47 more than the previous week) and had an average of 53 miles per day.

My physical condition was good, except that I had a rather bad blister on my right heel, and that I was feeling the effects of the very crude feeding arrangements which had obtained since Worcester. How the latter defect was remedied, tomorrow must tell.

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