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Sixth Day—Saturday, Sept. 3rd Stone to Worcester,— 44 Miles Total—273 Miles

By 4.35 we had made a start in the cold rain fo, Gloucester, 18 miles distant, where we intended staying for our breakfast.

The thought that my mother, wife and family would meet me there made the distance appear short.

At 8.35 we were seated in a comfortable refreshment room, awaiting the arrival of the party. It seemed an age since I had seen them, and I mentally resolved that when this walk was out of hand, so to speak, I would never undertake anything of the same magnitude again.

At heart I am a home bird, and never quite at ease after I have been absent twenty-four hours.

Presently those for whom I had been anxiously awaiting arrived, and a happy hour and-a-halt was spent; but duty is duty, and at 10 o'clock I set out for Worcester, 26 miles distant.

At Tewkesbury several people enquired how I felt; they had seen me before on my last attempt and were anxious about me. We had intended taking dinner at Sevenstoke, but the one who had said that he would order the meal had not fulfilled his promise, so we had to pass on.

The farmer's plums now came in handy. I kept going without a rest until Worcester was reached, and by 4.10 p.m. the first week's walk had come to an end.

My cycling friend left me here, to attend to his business at home.

I was in a bit of a fix. I had, however, anticipated this muddle for some time and was partly prepared. A telegram to a friend in Birmingham secured me an attendant at once, the best one I have ever had on any feat of endurance undertaken by me.

It will be noticed that the daily average this week works out at 45 ½ miles.

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