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Fifth Day—Friday, Sept. 2nd Bridgwater to Stone.—49 Miles Total—229 Miles

No time was cut to waste. Fifteen minutes after arising we were on our way. At Highbridge, which was reached by 6.10 a.m., we were one day in advance of Dr. Deighton's time at the same point. This gave me something substantial to work upon, and was very encouraging.

My blistered foot was painful, and this was the worst day of the first week.

The breakfast at Cross (18 miles) was not enjoyed very much: and the dinner at Bristol still less. I was wondering all the day whether my feet would mend.

The heat was intense during the greater part of the day, and the rest of two hours at Bristol, while we had dinner and my attendant had his machine overhauled, was very welcome.

When walking was resumed at 3.15, I felt anything but cheerful.

The machine had not been repaired, but put out of order altogether, and my attendant had to push it all the way, with the exception of short distances down hills, all the way from Bristol to Stone, 16 miles or more.

The cool of the evening now came on. My feet had righted themselves, and by the time Stone was reached I was in fine form, f1nishing the day very cheerful.
While we were having tea at the only inn the place boasts of, a neighboring farmer entertained us by telling, amongst other items, how cider was made. His jovial face and contented look did us good. We had our chance later, when we told him that neither of us ever ate meat. This was a huge surprise for our friend, and before he left us he pressed us to take a basket of choice Victoria plums.

These came in handy on the following day, when we were obliged to miss our dinner.

A native repairer made a sound job of the bicycle; and we retired to rest easy in our minds once more.

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