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At the conclusion of his walk Mr. George H. Allen was submitted to medical examination, and the following is the doctor's certificate:—

"George H. Allen, 37 years, 16th June, 1904, about 9 stone 4 Ibs. 909 ½ miles, Land's End to John o' Groat's; August 29th, 5 a.m. Did not walk any on the two intervening Sundays. Arrived at John o' Groat's at 2.33 a.m. Saturday, 17th September, doing journey in 16 days 21 hours 33 minutes, record by 7 ¼ days. Averaged 63 miles a day during the last five days and finished with 73 ½ miles on last day. Was training specially for 10 weeks prior, includ1ng his ordinary farm work. Has been an athlete for 21 years. Holds Leicester to London record, 97 ¾ miles, time 20 hours 22 minutes 25 seconds; walked this without a stop. Also engaged in long distance running, and won over 100 prizes in this but does not hold record. First began three years ago to walk very long distances, viz:—Leicester to Bedford and back—100 miles—22 hours 14 minutes: previous to that 50 most ever done. For past six years has been a Vegetarian. Chiefly garden vegetables and bread. Wheaten bread, homemade. Very little fruit, as could not get it where he lives. Three meals a day during training, this his usual.

Breakfast—Ordinary—One or two cups very weak tea, about six slices bread and nut butter. Training—One or two boiled eggs additional (8 a.m.).

Dinner—(1 p.m.)—Garden vegetables with lentil rissoles i.e. with rice, cooked with little water. Bread—large bread eater. No fluids at dinner.

Tea—(6 p.m.)—Weak tea, bread and nut butter generally, and occasionally, but only occasionally, a little cheese. No milk partaken of.

During Walk—Every morning for

Breakfast—Poached eggs on toast, ordinary butter, white bread (only to be got) with weak tea

Dinner—Vegetables and stewed fruits and bread. No fluids.

Tea—Bread, butter, salad and weak tea.

Usually three meals on walk.

Never ate between meals while walking Averaged over four miles an hour all the way

Rest—Never rested longer at a meal than 1 hours—average, under one hour. Never averaged more than five hours sleep, especially during the last week. Slept sound and never required to be wakened by any one. Accompanied during last week by two cyclists and an advance agent, to arrange meals and accommodation.

Condition of Weather—
1st week - Too hot.
2nd week - Too wet.
3rd week - Perfect.

Roads—Good on the whole. Did not suffer from the heat and never required to drink between meals on route.

Personal History.— Occupation— Farming. Up to 16 years of age in ill-health. Epileptic (sister died of epilepsy). He began about eight years of age to have seizures. No other ailments recollected; becoming more frequent till having 32 seizures in one day at age 16 years and not expected by doctor to recover. Total abstainer and non-smoker all his life, and at 16 went in for a rigid system of diet, exercise and baths (cold), and after this had only slight attacks, and never had an attack since 18 years of age. Taken no medicine since 16 years of age.

Does not now take cold baths unless bathing mid-day occasionally in the stream. Warm baths taken two or three times weekly.

General Appearance—Height, 5 ft. 4 3/4 in.; sharp, intelligent young man; brown hair, blue eyes. Always clothes very scantily, especially when at home, and lives practically in the open air—often sleeping out-of-doors. Self-trained. He is of slender build, but every muscle is well developed—not an ounce of fat.

Chest expansion - 34 – 36 ½
Arm – 10 ½ - 11 ½
Thigh – 18 ½ - 18 ½
Calf, right, (digging} 14" — left, 13".

No physical culture apparatus except natural labor of the soil. No dumb-bells, etc.; grinds wheat on mill and digging. Each day after bath rubs body with olive oil. Heart and lungs sound. Back bronzed with sun from labor. He considers the mental strain more than the physical. Shoemaker by trade. Followed trade up to 2 1/2 years ago, and since then took up the farming. 16-34 shoemaker Exercise chiefly running, and marks the cure of his ailment from these causes with aid of mental efforts. Feet in good condition. Blistering very slight and last occurred during last day of effort. No medicaments used during walk and while training washing only in warm water every night. Bathed warm water every night except two and felt effects of want as on day following these two he felt his feet aching. Boots 2 Ibs. 4 ozs. Considering the physique of the man it is marvelous that he should be able to undertake the task which he has just accomplished. His physique follows the feminine type which is borne out by the above measurements. His muscular system is well developed- especially the muscle of the thigh and calf of the leg. The chest is well developed. The arms are not such as to call for any particular remark. As far as can be judged from external appearance and a careful examination there is no evidence of any nervous lesion. His boots had broad soles laced down to near the toe, having rubber heels; knickers and cotton shirt; Cashmere jacket."

(Signed) John McKie, M.B., C.M.
26 Hillside Terrace, springburn,
Glasgow, 19th September, 1904.

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