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The closing years of the nineteenth century seem in many respects the most significant in human history.

Men have fed on the dry husks of materialism until they are crying out for food which satisfies the craving of their higher nature. The extent to which this hunger is felt is indicated by the widespread interest manifested in the spiritual aspect of life. The doctrines of Spiritualism, Christian Science, Mental Science, Spiritual Healing, the "New Thought and Theosophy are outgrowths of an earnest desire to possess the inmost kernel of life concealed within its material husk. Nor is this awakening confined to the disciples of these new faiths alone. It is everywhere apparent among longer established bodies of believers, and in the minds of a host of independent truth-seekers.

The tendency of the age is toward unity in all departments of life. This little volume is the outcome of an independent search for the spiritual view-point. It seeks to interpret human experience and the latest revelations of science from that view-point.

False ideals are at the root of all failure, dissatisfaction, misery, despair, degradation and strife; and false ideals are due to a wrong view-point. Choice of view-point, then, is the fundamental consideration upon which all the issues of life depend. The purpose of the following pages is suggestive rather than instructive. When one discerns the real meaning of the spiritual view-point, he may safely trust "the Spirit of Truth" to guide him "into all the truth."

F. H. S.
Wollaston, Mass.,
December 1, 1898

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Frank H. Sprague

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