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The Will to Be Well

Charles Brodie Patterson

Author of:
"Seeking the Kingdom," "Beyond the Clouds," "The Library of Health," "New Thought Essays," and "Dominion and Power,"

and Editor of:

The Arena and Mind

The age of materialism is passing away; and the pessimism and infidelity of the past, with which it was so closely associated, no longer fill the minds of men with discord and unrest. As a transitory condition it was doubtless necessary, because the real side of life is made evident through contrast. Probably the world has never seen nor known an age that has been more densely materialistic than the one just passed; not that it was altogether physical in its nature, but the intellect of man was used to subvert and subordinate the spiritual sense to the intellectual reasoning and sense desires.

On the physical side of life the world has been ransacked for every kind of mineral poison with the expectation that through their introduction into the physical organism health and strength would be the result.

In man's intellectual and religious world the spirit has played no part. Dogmatic utterances, binding creeds, and the degradation of himself to a "worm of the dust" and a miserable sinner," have served to fill up the sum of his intellectual vagaries.

But this is all passing away before the coming of a newer and higher conception of life; and this New Thought lays its foundation in an Omnipotent Life and a Universal Intelligence acting through universal law—law while exacting conformity to its requirements, shows itself to be beneficent in character.

In the mind of man there is the dawning of a new and vital fact that the authority of law is resident in his own life; that health, strength, and happiness, as conditions of mind and body, must be made manifest through conscious effort on his part by the use of spiritual qualities and mind-faculties; that through the indwelling spirit his mind must be quickened and renewed and his body strengthened and made whole.

In giving the contents of this book to the world the author earnestly hopes that the reader may find something that will prompt him to make a more serious and thoughtful study of life and its requirements.

Faithfully yours,
Charles Brodie Patterson

The Schuyler
59 West 45th Street,
New York City

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Charles Brodie Patterson

  • Canadian New Thought author
  • Born in Nova Scotia in 1854 and died on June, 22nd 1917

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