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Prayer and Its Fulfillment

Silently and unobserved, the Spirit will breathe upon us if we reflect, if we wait for it in stillness day by day. It steals into our consciousness when we think deeply, to guide, to strengthen, to heal, to encourage. The great secret of life is to know how, in our own way, to be receptive to it, how to read the message of its inner whispering. The sure method of growing strong in realization, of its nearness is to believe it will come if we listen, to trust it in moments of doubt as the lost hunter trusts his horse in the forest, to have an ideal outlook, and then renew our realization day by day, ever remembering that, as this Spirit is the only Reality, the one power, the one love, we live in it, and with it, and there is naught to separate us from its ever-watchful care, its ever-loving presence."
—H. W. Dresser
As a piece (of gold or silver) covered with earth, when cleansed, shines like light, so the embodied soul, when beholding the true nature of the soul (of itself), becomes one, obtains its true end, and every pain ceases.
When, absorbed in this concentration (the Yogi) sees by the true nature of his own self, which manifests like a light, the true nature of Brahma, which is not born, eternal and free from all effects of nature (or, as S'ankra explains 'tattwa,* from the effects of ignorance), he gets released from all bonds.
To God who is in the fire, who is in the water, who entered the universe, who is in the annual herbs, and who is in the regents of the forest (the trees), to this God be reverence, to Him be reverence."
—The Upanishads

We begin in our earliest childhood to pray, and there is an unceasing, an unending prayer continuing on all through our earthly exist. At times the prayer is a fervent, deep, outreaching of heart and mind and then again it has to do with the most trivial things in life. Why do we pray? Is the great Universal Spirit in any way benefited or uplifted through our prayers? Is God moved to change from a state of displeasure to one of forgiveness because of our prayer? Is natural law set aside because of any supplication on the part of man to the Father of All? No, none of these things come to pass. The laws of God are universal and unchanging.

Why do we pray? Because it is a vital necessity to the life of man. Prayer is desire; desire enters into everything in life, so that life is an unceasing prayer. Desire relates us to whatever we desire whether it be material things, mental attainments or spiritual understanding. Desire may be superficial and transitory and little return come from such desire. A life that is filled with such desires is never able to express anything that is great or wonderful, but is filled with trivial results, showing that one cannot express anything that is greater or higher than the ideals that exist in the mind. When you see great things accomplished by any one, know that it is in answer to prayer; that only the great desire can bring the great result. This applies not only to some things, but to everything in life. Our lives, whatever they may be, are the true expression of our prayers. We should know that our false as well as our true desires are alike expressed; each desire as a seed carrying within itself, its own fruition, each bringing its own punishment or reward. If we could all realize the truth of this, what a difference it would make in our prayers. If we knew that a true desire always related us to the good and the true, ever becoming the seed for greater and more perfect expression, or if we realized that our false desires, not only brought about the loss of mental and physical energy, but also brought into our lives unpleasant and disagreeable things, we would try to shape our desires in order to have them conform to the true requirements of the law of desire and its fulfillment.

A great many people will argue that the disappointments, failures and disagreeable things which come to them are not the things for which they have prayed, not the things which they have desired, and therefore that there can be no such law. The law exists and the law acts, regardless of what they think, and whatever has come into their lives has come because of this action of law. In the Bible we read of one who said, "The thing I feared has come upon me." Through allowing the mind to dwell upon that which we fear in life, we tend to establish a relationship between ourselves and the thing feared. We may desire the reverse of the things feared, but the fear being the stronger, tends to pervert the desire. One may have a good desire; but if the mind is filled with doubt concerning its fulfillment, it is as though he were reaching out, through his desire, to lay hold with one hand, while through his doubt pushing away with the other. All true fulfillment of desire comes through the at-one-ment of heart and mind: such condition expressing itself outwardly in action, must eventually bring about the realization of each and every desire. One becomes a magnet to attract to himself everything that soul, mind or body may require, because he is at-one with the eternal laws of life. His demand must bring to him the perfect supply: it is what the Master meant when He said, "Whatsoever ye ask believing, ye shall receive." He showed, too, plainly that the Father had only good gifts for His children, that He was more willing to give than his children were to ask or receive. If, then, any good thing seems to be withheld from us, let us know that it is withheld, not because the Father is unwilling that we should have it, but because in some way we prevent ourselves from receiving. If we could understand the full truth contained in this, we would cease to think that the objects of our desire were withheld from us because of any cause or fault that lay outside of ourselves, and would place the responsibility where it belonged. It may be hard for us to become accustomed to the thought that we are quite as responsible for all our failures as for all our successes. The unstable mind, the transitory or shifting desires, the passing effort are all states of our own consciousness, and if the outer results of these inner states are unsatisfactory, let us know that they can only be changed as a more permanent and abiding state of consciousness displaces the old.

Prayer is the effort of one's mind to adjust to both inner and outer life. If the right adjustment is brought to pass within, then the outer adjustment is an effort which is both natural and easy. On every plane of being, from the plane of the purely sense-desire to the plane of the highest spiritual-desire, we can have true prayer.; prayer varying in degree but not in kind; and with all such true prayer, from lowest to highest will come the perfect fulfillment. If in simpleness and directness of mind, one desires everything necessary to his physical well-being and is willing to- work to see his desires take form, to such a man, who is neither envious nor covetous of another's possessions, will come the full outer reward of his inner desire. On the spiritual plane, when one is using the gifts of which he is already, possessed and desires increased power in order that he may not only enrich his own life, but the lives of others, his prayer will of a certainty be answered. When any strong true desire enters the mind, let us know that it is the starting-point, the foundation of its ultimate realization—that we should hold to it with a persistent perseverance, having no doubt but that its ultimate fulfillment is absolutely certain, and while we might not be able to determine the way or the time, or even how it is going to come, we should know beyond all question that it is on its way to us, and that the only thing that could hinder its coming would be our own doubts or fears, our own mental or physical inaction—that it is being just as surely attracted to us as the steel is attracted by the magnet. The size and the strength of the magnet determines the size and the weight of the steel. If the magnet be weak and inefficient, only the small particles will be attracted and held by it. If the magnet be. strong and large, it will attract in proportion to its strength. The deeper and the more abiding ideals are, the more powerful they become. It is always the increased power in life which brings more quickly the realization or expression of desire. There was a much more intense desire, reinforced by faith, in the woman who touched the hem of Jesus' garments than in the man who had been born blind, for whom Jesus spat upon the earth, making a salve with which to anoint his eyes, telling him to go wash in the pool of Siloam. In one there was the instant response, the other required both time and form in order to be healed. Jesus was able to perceive the limitations of the understanding of the different people who came to him to be healed. He was the physician who understood every case and who knew how to apply the law to fit every requirement.

Very few people have thought that their desires, whether true or false, have had much, if anything, to do with their physical wellbeing, and yet there is no question but that desire formed in mind begins at once its beneficial or harmful action. The false desires produce an almost instantaneous effect upon one's breathing; through it new combinations of the elements of the body are affected. Where before existed only health-giving products, poisonous substances are generated, and with each added false desire the whole life—the blood—becomes poisoned, and physical disintegration ensues. This is not a mere theory but an actual fact. Each true desire becomes a vitalizing energy in the life of the body, to restore, to reform, to build up. The breath becomes rhythmic and strong in action, denoting the true self-control. The food taken into the body is both thoroughly digested and assimilated; in fact, the whole action of true desire is to strengthen and renew the physical organism. Not that I mean there is no further action, because no one can tell how far-reaching true desire is. No one can tell how many other minds are affected by the true desire that has its inception in the life of some one person. It goes out to strengthen, to quicken and renew the minds and bodies of many people, blessing and doing good to all. We should learn to make life a truly directed, unceasing prayer.

In the following meditations, I have no thought of giving any new form to prayer; but would suggest that the reader, by allowing his mind to dwell upon the thoughts contained in the meditations, may find that they serve to call out new thoughts and desires which may mean far more to him than the written meditations. They are given, then, with the object rather that they may become a means to the calling out of one's inmost thoughts and feelings than to serve as any definite form of prayer or mental treatment. They will appeal to each mind according to its needs; they will help only as one leaves the written word and is able to enter into the "spirit" of the word. If one, after reading a meditation, closes his eyes and ears to the outer world and meditates in the spirit, he shall better understand why I have given in this book these brief meditations or prayers.


Eternal Spirit of love and wisdom, we would unfold our desires to Thee, because we realize that Thou art the hearer and answerer of prayer. We can give to Thee, nothing—but Thou givest every good thing to us. Everything necessary to life, to health, to happiness, is given by Thee to all Thy children who pray and ask aright. We would ask Thee for greater influx of Thy love and wisdom, so that we may know how to pray aright. May a deeper realization bring to us the knowledge that the heart's desire carries within itself its own fulfillment; that the desire for love and wisdom is that which makes love and wisdom ours, and is that which relates us to the universal love and wisdom.

We do not wish to come into communion with Thee with any worldly desires in mind; rather would we seek Thy kingdom within our own highest consciousness; find Thy spirit of love and truth indwelling in us, and forever abiding with us. We would pray for the eternal riches which cannot pass away; that peace and love which passeth understanding should forever be ours, and we know of a very truth, that having all that is highest and best in life, all lesser things are included; that when we consciously realize Thy kingdom in our lives, dominion and power are ours in the outer world; that all things are ours, and with the spirit of peace and love, we repose in the blest assurance that all we have asked of Thee will be granted. Thou knowest our every need, and we rest assured that our every need will be supplied on all planes of our being. Make us one with Thy truth, and one with Thy wisdom and love, so that we may come into the perfect fullness of life, into the measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ, wherein the deepest desire of life is realized—a conscious oneness of the human with the divine, and blest indwelling Father, Thy name shall have all the honor and glory forever. Amen.


Our Heavenly Father, Thou art the source of all health. There is no knowledge or understanding apart from Thee. Thy truth and wisdom are from everlasting to everlasting. It is Thy truth, which, entering into the mind of man, makes him strong in the power of Thy might; makes him wise in the strength of Thy wisdom. We realize that the desire of our hearts and minds to know more of Thy truth will relate us to, and make us one with it, and that Thy wisdom illuminating our minds shall throw light on the way that leads to life eternal, bringing us into the fullness, into the perfect freedom, of life and truth. May our every thought be inspired with Thy truth, that each word and deed, as it takes form in the world in which we live, shall perfectly express divine truth. We know when we are in the truth that our lives are in harmony with law; that our minds are continually renewed, and our bodies strengthened; that as we dwell in truth, truth lives in us. The joy and the peace of life are realized as never before.

Lead us in the way of all truth. Guide us in the way of all righteousness. Give to us an understanding of Thy perfect law, and strength and wisdom to bring our lives into perfect conformity and trust. Then shall the seeming end of life pass away, and the shadows of doubt and unrest shall no longer disturb us. Then shall we rejoice and be glad, for Thy truth and wisdom shall lead us into paths of pleasantness and ways of peace. And we shall have become free men and women in the Christ, and Thy name shall have all the honor and all the glory, and Thy truth shall abide with us evermore. Amen.


O, Spirit of Hope, which proceedeth from the Infinite Mind to brighten and make glad the life of man, enter then into my life and find an abiding-place, giving peace and joy, so that the outer life may be radiant because of thy presence! We know that where Thy light is there can be no darkness, where Thy strength is there can be no weakness. Like a star, bright with promise, shine on the pathway of life, be to us a guiding light to direct us in the way of truth. Resting in Thy spirit, O Hope, love's dawning will become the sunlight of a new day, and Faith, Thy wondrous sister, will be the crowning manifestation of life. A life that will grow larger, happier and more complete. A life wherein every true desire of heart and mind will be fully and freely realized and expressed.


O, Soul, rejoice and be glad! Sing unto the Lord a new song; a song that shall tell of His loving goodness and His compassionate tenderness; a song that shall burst forth in joy, because of the presence of His divine spirit, which filleth thy life with the perfect happiness of living. His presence is ever with thee, so that thy life partakes of His Omnipotence, thy understanding of His Omniscience. He breathes in and through thee the vital breath of life, and never leaves or forsakes, but is ever with thee. The sunshine of His glory illumines thy every way. And His beneficence encompasseth thee. Let the new song which is in thy life sound forth in the world about thee. Let the inner glory and joy call out aloud to those who dwell in the shadows of life, that they may awaken and sing with thee the new song. Breathe upon the world what the spirit hath breathed in thee, that thou shalt aid in making the kingdom manifest, and in thee, through thee, and by thee shall God's perfect will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

This is thy high, thy holy office; and let God's word shine as a beacon-light, pointing out the way that leads to the life eternal. And in doing this hope shall so fill the souls and minds of those who are cast down that their eyes will be uplifted, and they shall see the divine; faith will so transfigure their lives that they will give expression to God's perfect image and likeness, and love will so radiate from the center of their beings that it will unite them with all souls, causing them to realize their at-onement with universal soul.

Rejoice and be glad; for in thy life the Christ hath arisen. In thee the Holy One of Israel is born. The Son of Righteousness has come with healing in His wings, and the glory of the Lord is about thee! Give thanks and praise the Lord, for His mercy endureth forever.


Our Father, we greatly desire that the real substance of life may so flow through our being that we may become rooted and grounded in faith. We know that without Thy faith we can accomplish nothing, but that in living and realizing faith to be the one eternal substance from which all things proceed, we may become filled with Thy perfect health and strength, which are manifested as holiness of mind and wholeness of body. In Thee, O Father, is the wholeness of faith; in us the part. Make us to realize that the whole and the part' are one, that there may be no sense of separateness, that we may know that Thy life is our life, and that from Thee comes every good and perfect gift.


Our Father, we know that it is a reasonable service that we present our bodies whole and acceptable unto Thee, but we also know that this cannot be done, save through the renewing of our minds, and that our minds are renewed by Thy spirit dwelling in us. In the spirit of faith we pray Thee that Thy spirit may find an abiding-place in our lives, illuminating our minds, and strengthening and making whole our bodies. We would make our bodies a fit habitation for the soul, so that Thy will may find its perfect expression in both mind and body.

Awaken our consciousness to the fact that Thou hast committed into our care faculties of mind, through which divine love and wisdom may act for the upbuilding of the habitations in which we live, and that only as we use Thy power aright can perfect health and happiness be ours. Cause us to see that only as we have health and happiness are we in accord with Thy divine law. We pray for a more perfect understanding of Thy law, and a greater desire to do Thy will. Free us from all selfishness that would ask for ourselves things that we would not as gladly see others receive. Make our wills one with Thy will and our desires one with Thy desires for us, so that we may ask nothing amiss of Thee, and with hearts filled with love and minds filled with thankfulness, we would bless and praise Thy Holy Name.


Infinite and eternal Source of love, many have been the names by which Thou hast been called, but the Master has taught us the most beautiful of all Thy names, the name we may utter with our lips, but far and above all else, feel in our hearts: Love—love that transcends all thought or understanding; love that illumines the soul and glorifies the life.

Our Father, Thy love is in all, through all, and above all. The tiniest dew-tipped flower is as much an expression of Thy love as is the radiant sun. Thy love gives color and beauty to all things. May it color and beautify our lives, transform and renew our very being. We know that dwelling in Thy love, no evil thing can befall us; that when it dwells in the heart, the mind is serene and our lives radiate the sunshine of Thy love. May its influx be so great that we shall 6how forth its divine presence in thought, in word, and in deed. We fervently desire that it may abide in us and we abide in it, that we may love Thee and one another as Thou hast loved us.


Our Father, Thou in whom I live and move and have my being, Thou art the Loving Giver of every good and perfect gift, I ask that Thy love and wisdom may so illumine and direct my way that Thy invisible kingdom may find expression through my every thought, word, and deed. Help me to realize that Thy kingdom is within mine own soul, yet not alone within my soul but in all souls Thou hast brought into existence; that Thy life, Thy love, and Thy intelligence unite me in closest bonds of brotherhood with all Thy children; that there is no separation between their life and my life, but that we are all one in Thee.


Our Father, Thou who dwellest in our own souls, help us to realize our oneness with Thee and our fellow man, that every trace of selfishness may be dissipated and Thy will reign supreme in our lives. Thou hast given us both thought and feeling; Thou hast endowed us with many faculties of soul and mind, wherewith to work out our perfect salvation. We know that when we are at one with Thee, Thy will and purpose are made manifest in our lives; and no temptation, however great, can prevail against us. Thy strength is our strength. We are strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. We desire that spiritual bread, Thy word, which shall sustain our souls in every hour of trial and temptation. We desire to use every gift which Thou hast given us, for Thy honor and glory. We desire the true riches which come through worship of Thee, and loving service to one another.


Immortal and Eternal Spirit of love and Wisdom, Father of all, Mother of all, in Thee, through Thee, and by Thee are all things lived. There is no life or understanding apart from Thee. There is nothing in Thy universe, so distant or so small, but is animated by Thy life and controlled by Thine intelligence. Day unto day uttereth speech and night unto night showeth forth knowledge. All Nature is Thine open book, all Nature lives and moves in Thee.

We pray for a higher consciousness of Thy abiding presence in our lives, that we may know Thee and feel Thy love as the animating presence of our being; that we may comprehend Thy wisdom so that our lives may be directed aright, and that we, through such conscious feeling and knowledge, may realize eternal life, through knowing that Thy life and our lives are in no sense separate, and that Thou dwellest in us, and we in Thee, and that the soul of man and the soul of God are one.

With such consciousness, death loses its sting and the grave has no victory; but man becomes triumphant over death, and attains to that dominion and power which is latent in him from the beginning.

Who can feel Thy wondrous love, who can attain Thy infinite knowledge? Can the part understand the whole? Can the finite comprehend the infinite? Only as the consciousness of the finite and the partial passes out of the life of man and he realizes his divinity, his oneness with the soul of the universe, can he come into conscious communion with Thee, and feel Thy love which passeth understanding, and comprehend Thy wisdom which is not partial, but all-comprehensive. Becoming one with Thee, becoming one with Thy eternal love and life, he dwells forever in the universal soul, and humanity becomes lost in divinity. The temporal is past and only the eternal remains. Death is swallowed up in life, because Thou, O Father, art All in all.

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Charles Brodie Patterson

  • Canadian New Thought author
  • Born in Nova Scotia in 1854 and died on June, 22nd 1917

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