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The Horizon of Natural Law

When we have new perception we shall gladly disburthen the memory of its hoarded treasures as old rubbish. —Emerson.

What is "nature's law?" Is it not simply the horizon that limits our knowledge of today?

Tomorrow we will have climbed higher—we will have a more elevated view—we will restate the law.

Yesterday we discovered gravitation. Today we are discovering magnetism. Yesterday the bit of metal fell to the ground. Today it rises to the magnet in obedience to an occult law of levitation which has apparently transcended for the moment that of gravitation.

We must not be too arbitrary in our definitions. We need not hurry to reach conclusions.

In the end we shall doubtless find that spirit governs every element and is absolutely free of limitation.

This seems to be a good working hypothesis, and we find every encouragement in its application.

So let us not overvalue what we have called "conservatism," or cling too tenaciously to the conclusions of past thinkers. Every human being must breathe and eat for himself. We must not lean too much on one another in things intellectual or spiritual, or be afraid to move forward confidently.

We do not hold to yesterday's breath or yesterday's dinner. We may safely let go, perhaps, of yesterday's opinions.

Let us remember the manna in the desert. It was fresh every morning. He who gathered much had nothing over. True wealth is not mere accumulation, either mental or material.

Men and women often work like pointer dogs. They make wide ranges in the fields of philosophy, science, and religion—then stop rigidly on some small game, and cannot be induced to move till it is "flushed."

We are too often magnetized by petty theories. They are like small game on the ground. We can never be free till we learn that our true horizon has no bounds and the soul no limitations.

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Charles B. Newcomb

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