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The Folly of Resentment

It has been wisely said, "There are no penalties to virtue."

If we suffer through another, it must be because of some responsive chord within ourselves which is not well attuned. The suffering is nature's signal bell. If we are bruised, there must be some sore spots that need attention, not as the result of our fancied injury but its real cause.

When we are spiritually sound, no thought, or word, or act of another can arouse vibrations of pain.

Nature's work is not so incomplete. It cushions us against all suffering from without and responds only when kindred chords are touched in the same key. We have absolute control of our own instrument, its harmonies and discords.

The same law that protects us from needless suffering, produces in us the reaction of every evil thought directed toward another.

When we strike a surface that is harder than our tool, the reaction makes our nerves tingle. We get no satisfaction in hammering material in which there is no responsive vibration.

When we direct an unkind thought upon another and it finds no lodgment, the whole force of it returns immediately upon ourselves, while the other is unhurt.

Every thought that is not in harmony with the law of love must surely be expiated with much suffering by the thinker.

There can be no evasion of this law and no vicarious atonement possible. We could not learn our lessons through the experience of another. Life is a patient creditor, but is inexorably just in its exactions. Cannot we see the folly of all indulgence in malice and resentment, which can only poison our own lives and bring suffering to ourselves?

Is not the unerring operation of this law a complete guarantee of the ultimate salvation of all mankind?

A sane man will never persist in perpetual bankruptcy. We do not find any satisfaction in self-torture when it does not even bring us sympathy.

We need not punish ourselves with "righteous indignation." It is a popular delusion. No indignation can be righteous. "The ways of wisdom are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace."

Congestion and inflammation are not possible where there is a truly loving spirit.

Such symptoms indicate deficiency in circulation, due to the irritation of some fear.

Fear cannot exist where there is the confidence of perfect love.

None can bestow upon us and none can draw from us except according to the spiritual law of our own centers. This is always seeking to establish equilibrium of forces.

We receive through giving and not through self-seeking. Relax the selfish thought, and the trouble disappears.

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Charles B. Newcomb

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