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The Dash For Liberty

We have discovered that disease is the result of misdirected thought, an inverted current turned upon ourselves with a force of which we have but little comprehension.

The remedy lies in realization of the universal life and our personal relation to it. We must change our mental polarity, demagnetize our thought.

We too often call ourselves and one another "prisoners of poverty," "creatures of circumstances," "victims" of "injustice" or "disease."

All our prisons are mental. Truth gives us the pass-key to all doors, the control of all environment, deliverance from all injustice and disease.

Freedom comes only through full recognition and admission of truth.

"Who would be free, himself must strike the blow."

When a prisoner has dug through the wall of his cell, it remains for him to "make a break" for liberty. If his courage fails him at this point, all the months of weary toil removing stone and mortar count for nothing. It has only been in preparation for this hour. High walls are yet to be scaled. Guards with loaded guns must be evaded or encountered.

These are literally trying "circumstances" to be overcome.

What will the man give for his freedom now?

This is precisely the point to which comes every follower of the Science of Mind. He has spent months in breaking through his mental prison walls. His jailers are named Prejudice, Disease, or Poverty. They are embodied in his personal conditions,— the "circumstances" of his life,— which he likes to think offer peculiar difficulties in his case.

Will he have the courage now to make the dash for liberty? He has been creeping slowly toward the light. The hour has come for a supreme test of his newly adopted principles.

Will he throw off his last fear, forget the past, risk all, and leap boldly forward to complete emancipation?

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Charles B. Newcomb

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