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Second Prefatory Note

This work—a dream and more than a dream—dealing with matters upon which the minds of men throughout the world are, at the present time, profoundly fixed, is here presented to the reader in an incomplete form. At some future date, should the governors and rulers of institutions of learning who have, in all lands, been made trustees by their people, and given large endowments for their institutions, with the belief that, with them, they could be aided to be watchmen, upon their behalf, in her nighttime of art—thought, by such methods, to be by them, furnished with all manner of means to keep an outlook for the emergence into the world, not only of art, but of each letter of the law which will otherwise be found, and found there only, where things change not—in its unseen place—see here, in behalf of the people who have entrusted them to be for them their watchmen, signs of something that might be added to what is here, which would be of the law a part, and of art that part that is art transcendent, then will that which is not now here be added.

On the other hand, if they shall not so see, they will have had an opportunity to do—for those for whom they hold a trust than which none higher is ever placed in the hands of men—that which, in connection with it, they shall have deemed to have been their duty for those who have trusted them, both as their agents and regents.

Let it not be supposed however, that there could be here expressed towards any a thought or word of coercion; for into the last and highest region of art, which is the place where all action is in perfect freedom, coercion and oppression cannot come: in that kingdom of art not an act, and not even an imperialistic or despotic thought can be: for with its kingdom they have no proportion, and into it cannot enter.

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